Monday, April 9, 2012

Gift Set

Do you ever feel like days and months go by and your to-do list is still as long and nothing seems to have been crossed off? I have been feeling that way for a few weeks, like life is moving by and I am just sitting here. I am not just sitting here, I am 18 weeks pregnant (WHAT?! when did that happen) and chasing after a 15 month old. I love my life and hope that when I am home full time I can get more house work and sewing work done. Now to find the motivation to do all of these things first.

This is a set that was ordered back in the fall on Etsy by a friend of mine. Thanks for the order! She was buying this for a friend of hers who was having a baby. I am pretty sure that the onesie and leggings we were for the baby-a boy and that the purple burp cloth is for the mom to enjoy while burping her prince.
I hope that mamma was happy with her package and that this lovely friend of mine can wait a few more days for her birthday winnings.

I hope everyone had a wonder Easter! Ours was full of family, fun, eggs and CANDY! Hope to be back on the blogging bandwagon for good.



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