Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A tisket a tasket

A donation basket!
I donated a basket to a local charity that was raising money for families who can not afford adoption. I think it is a great cause and I was happy to do something for them. The person that won the basket was a friend of mine who is pregnant so that was even more special.
I made some new items that I have yet to make which was very exciting for me.

This is my first attempt at a onesie with a cute decal on it. I have wanted to do so many of these but have yet to force myself to do it. I love this humpty dumpty as he is falling off the wall. I am excited to do letters, numbers, and other designs as well.

Two of the sachets I made with straps to hang in your closet. The one I made with out a strap I thought would be nice to put in a drawer or on a shelf. The same can be done with the two that have a strap. These sachets have lavender in them which makes them great items for closets and drawers to leave clothes smelling nice.

This is something else that I have not yet made before but have been meaning to for months. How cute are these baby leggings/leg warmers. They turned out pretty cute after some struggling with them and the sewing machine. These seem to be more for infants and I am hoping that they are not too wide. I am going to be working on some longer ones for toddlers and kids soon. Hope to have a real live model of these soon...anyone want to offer their baby as a model?

Again here is a breastfeeding cover with a matching burp cloth made with fabric #5 at the bottom of this blog. I tried to make this gender neutral since I had no idea who was going to get this.

Here is an image of all of the items together before they went into the basket. This picture isn't that great, need to work with a better place to take pictures.
Here is the cute basket ready to be wrapped up. I didn't have a basket the morning I needed to have it finished so instead I wrapped a box with cute gender neutral paper to get it ready. Note: the blanket in the back of the basket I did not make, that was from another friend that was adding a contribution.
Here it is all ready to go home with someone special! Cant wait to see these things in action.

Friday, October 23, 2009

All that was old is new again.

Do you like Plaid? Do you have bad memories from grade school? I love plaid, not that I ever wear it but I never get sick of it like so people, it has its place. Well now it is back...80's and 90's plaid.

This picture below that I found on this blog from the old Domino Magazine reminds me of the family room aka "the red room" in my house.

The walls are red and the carpet is the same plaid as the blanket on the bed. I used to wonder if I was the only person that liked to live in a brightly painted house but after seeing this photos and other Domino magazine rooms I think I am just one of many.

Mod Boy Breastfeeding Cover

When it rains it pours. Not only is it literally raining outside but after some time of not sewing or blogging I now have several projects I am working on, yippe!

I just made this cover for a friend of mine, who requested a "boy print." I like the fabric that I found and so did she! It reminds me of a modern version of an army print. Perfect for a little boy...and it looks cute on mom.

Here is a close-up of the print and the corner with the terrycloth. This is my favorite boy cover I have made yet.

I have found some other new fabrics that I just can not wait to use, just need a reason to make something. I will be posting the new fabrics on here soon-keep watching.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lavender Sachets

Here is the final new piece that I made to donate to the Church festival. I think they are SO CUTE. (and they smell great)
This is the back of the sachet. Love this sweet printed fabric. Great for a woman's closet with all of her clothes and shoes.
Here is a picture of it hanging in our closet before I sent it off. I am excited to make more of these, for our own closet. How about yours?

Fun Donation

I have not had a lot of time to do crafting like I would like to. It is always a struggle when you work full time, volunteer (what feels like full time), and then try to cook and keep your house clean. Sometimes the crafts take the back seat.

The summer went by rather quickly and all of a sudden it is fall and I have a few more projects I really need to get done. So stay tuned I will have some more things coming soon. A few presents and a few more donation pieces.

I made these pieces out of wallpaper for our Church's festival to sell. There are a few things I have done before and a few new ones.

A journal with matching note cards. I have similar striped note cards to come soon.

Here are more note cards, same pattern I used before on note cards this time with different colors.
Here is the front of the new clipboard that I am now loving to make. It has clear cover on it that helps it become a quasi dry erase board.

Here is what the back looks like, matching pattern.

Here are ALL of the things that I made that I made to donate. I will have a post about the cache soon.



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