Monday, November 29, 2010

A Bouquet For The Bathroom

A friend of mine got these great prints form a illustrator that she really likes and has several prints of already. I love these as well but had no where to put them in my house, she decided to use them in her bathroom. They look great in her bathroom.
These are on one wall of the bathroom so she was looking for something else to tie the room together and we came up with the idea of doing vinyl flower blooms to match the prints. Going with white helps the shapes pop out against the wall and tie in the counter and hand towels in the room.
I  love the way these look in the room and I am glad that I could help with the finishing touches! It is amazing what these small little touches can do to a room.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #45

Here are a few fabrics that I had to pick up for some projects and they my not be exciting but they will do for what I need.
The left fabric is a solid white flannel, the middle is a brown flannel fabric and these are the two that I have projects waiting for and I will be working on them when I can. The most exciting of the three is the neutral baby print flannel on the right. I know the picture is not great but the pattern is a multicolored square print and some of the dots have words on them like cutie pie, so sweet, oh baby. I think this fabric would make a great baby blanket or even a soft burp cloth.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Auction Apron

My mother-in-law ordered this apron for a local Church auction and I was happy to make something for her to donate. It has been a while since I have made an adult apron and I sort of miss it. Maybe there will be a few more where this one came from!
The main fabric is so much fun, I love the brown and cream flowers, neutral but with some punch. I paired it with a cream fabric that has brown dots in different shades making a diamond shape. I wish the background was more cream and less yellow but I just could not find a fabric that I liked better.
I have yet to try a full apron because I am really still loving these cute skirt aprons. I love to wear them while cooking before having people over and sometimes I hate to take them off when the guests arrive because they are so cute.

This would be so cute for Thansgiving prep, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Monday, November 22, 2010

In Need of a Christmas Gift?

I have these baby leggings ready for Christmas/Winter and found this cute fabric to go with it. Does anyone need any leggings with a matching onesie/shirt for a Christmas gift? The top could have an initial, an ornament shape, the word joy, a Christmas tree, a tie, or something else that we can come up with together out of the fabric.
I am accepting Christmas orders until December 1st so email me and let me know if you would like to place an order for this or something else.

Baby Room After

A great way to get moving on a project is to have a contest that you want to enter. I learned about the ohdeedoh contest a few months ago and decided I wanted to enter. I had no idea when it was going to start but I was slowly preparing for when it was announced. I just realized a few weeks ago that they announced it and people were already submitting their rooms. It used to be called the small room big color contest and this year it is small kid big color.
Go here look at the entries that were voted on.  You can go now to vote for the winner. There are some really great rooms on there. I think I might try again next year when we have the baby and know what it is and have more stuff in the room.

Lets take a look at a before picture from earlier this year when the baby room was the craft room. It has a ton of stuff in it but at the same time it was pretty practical. I hope when the craft area gets moved to the basement I can organize it better.
Here are the five pics of the baby room that I entered into the contest. I only have the girly fabric for the baby room so I used that to create a few things that I thought the room needed.

I love the animals around the room but they were falling off the wall on day two so I am now going to have to paint them with white paint to get the animals on the wall. I also love the shelves and of course it does not look as put together as it could be because I have no pictures in the picture frames and I am sure there will be more cute things once baby arrives.

There are a few things that still need to be done. After the baby arrives I need to actually make the bed skirt, drapery, pillow etc with the correct fabric. I need to put together the changing table top with the changing pad, cover, and some changing accessories. I also would love to hang some other items on the wall and make a mobile for over the bed. Like I said earlier the picture frames need pictures for them. I hope to fill them with cute pics of baby bee after they arrive.

I was a bit upset that I was not chosen for the contest but there are some really great rooms that deserve it. I know the room is not as finished as the rest of the rooms that were chosen and almost everyone else either already had the child or knew what it was going to be. We have no idea what baby bee is which I makes it harder to really finish the room with the fabrics I choose. I am okay with the contest now and am just so in love with the baby room and I hope that our little one loves it as much as we do. It makes me so happy to go in there and that is all that matters.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #44

Here is another set of the fat quarters that I picked up a few weeks ago. I am not a huge fan of purple fabrics but I like how the other colors pop on the purple background. The middle fabric is fun and vibrant, it looks a bit tribal and at the same time has some modern whimsy. The dot fabric on the far left is just fun, so many little dots of color and I think this could be a fabric that both boys and girls could enjoy.
I might just have to pop back in the fabric store in a few months and see what other fat quarters they have. They are just the right amount of fabric to try on small projects without breaking the bank.

Only a few more weeks until Thanksgiving and I have to say that I am so thankful for my friends and family that have been so supportive of my mini business. I can not wait to see what this next year has to offer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aprons for Christmas

I am back with the second set of items that I made for my cousin's two girls. As we were talking about the birthday shirt the idea of aprons for Christmas came to her, and so I was off to create something cute for the aprons. We only talked about putting their name on it and I was given freedom to do the rest how I wanted. I went with something simple, block embroidery in white which pops against the black apron and a fun print for the pocket. I love big pockets on my aprons to hold things while baking and cooking and I am sure the girls will love the pockets too.
It could be so much fun to do the names in rhinestones and maybe a really simple pattern on the front, like apples or oranges or something. I was even thinking of just the words Bon Appetit with a spoon under it. So many options but I like the way this set turned out and again I think my cousin likes them too. Can't wait to see how the little cooks look in their aprons.

I am still taking orders for Christmas, I will be taking orders until December 1st. I need to make sure I can get all of the items made before Christmas and baby's arrival, just in case they decide to come early!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Shirt For a Princess

My goddaughter is turning six this month and I wanted to make something special for her. I know my cousin (her mom) has been so upset because I was only making baby items for a while and she wanted something for her two girls. Now that I have more equipment and options I am coming through for her, this is the second thing I have made for them and not the last.
The birthday party is going to be a princess themed slumber party (that does not last all night) and I thought it would be cute to put the word princess on a shirt in some sequence for her to wear to school since the party will be a pajama party. This way she can have princess fun on her birthday during the day!
On the back I put her last name and how old she is in pink flocked heat transfer. It looks so cute! I used the idea of the font and jersey style layout from this post and I think it looks so cute.
The best part the shirt is that not only can she wear this all year (or really anytime- no one will know that the 6 means she is six) but if it does not fall apart in the next few months child #2 will get a chance to wear this as a hand me down during her 6th year of life. Bonus!! 

When my cousin got this in the mail she was so excited, I did not tell her what it was going to look like so it was a nice surprise. I hope her daughter loves it too when she opens this on her birthday.

Happy early birthday to my one and only goddaughter.

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #43

While I was out shopping a few weeks ago I picked up some fat quarters, usually I do not like to buy fat quarters because they are not big enough for most of my projects but what they are perfect for is applique on onesies and tee shirts. They were on sale so I picked up a few that I thought were really cute.
Here are three of the green ones that I picked up. The one on the left might just find a home in my kitchen. On the other two, I love the play of the colors together on the green background. Again here I am wishing for spring, and maybe I even got a little taste of it this week with the warm 70 degree weather we have been having.

I am loving that I can wear skirts without the need for leggings or stockings to keep me warm! It has been a great week but I am actually ready for sweater weather.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stars and Stripes Leggings With Onesie

I was asked to make a onesie and two sets of leggings for baby girl T. I was so excited to make a matching set because I think those leggings look so cute on baby with a matching onesie or outfit.
The leggings are a bright fuchsia pink and the stars and stripes are a dark navy blue making them look almost black. These same colors are found in the floral print that the T is made from, a few shades of pink and a deep midnight blue. I think this color combination is a fun change from pink and black and is even a bit more subtle, if that is possible with pink. :)
Here is a closeup of the T, I used the darker blue for the outline because I really wanted the T to stand out and with the pink thread it just faded into the pink flowers. I love how abstract the floral ends up looking in a smaller piece, you have to look to see what it is and that dead white space in the middle of the flower really pulls your eye into the shape giving it some pop. It looks like the flower is flying out of that white space.  

This is the first time I have used my silhouette to cut out fabric and I am excited to use it more often, it will save my little hand from cutting out those letters, especially the intricate ones.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Cover For Me!

I have been trying to get everything ready for the baby to come, I do have two months but I am afraid they are going to just fly by with the holidays coming up. I found this fabric a while ago and just love it, something about the bright green background with the black and white just thrills me. I usually love really bright fabrics and I am sure that I will make another one with some bright print but for now I really love this print. It has some pop but isn't too crazy with the colors.
I made a cover and two burp cloths for myself, you never know when you will need them. These colors will look great with my diaper bag as well, it is grey with some green accents. I think these burp cloths will be great poking out of the bag. I am excited to use it!!!

Finally there is a giveaway for the Happiest Baby on the Block dvd here:
Go check it out if you are wanting a copy for yourself. I have heard some good things and am interested to see what they say.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #42

I am so excited about this fabric Friday and these two prints. It has been a while since I have put new prints on this blog and as much as I love fall, I LOVE spring and these make me think of spring. I have some great ideas for these and I hope to show you the project I did with the one on the left soon.
Funny story about the one on the right, I just bought a cute wrap dress last week and when it arrived I realized it is made out of the exact same fabric as the one on the right. I must have loved it twice, once to buy some at the fabric store and once to buy a dress in the same fabric.

Off to more sewing this weekend! Hope you all have a great one, enjoy the weather before it gets too cold.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Silky Burp Cloths Part III

Here is the long awaited part three, I am sure that all of you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see what part three was going to be. Here it is! This set is a bit more oriental and sophisticated and the front is silk so it is not as washer friendly as the other burp cloths. The other two that I showed you have been pre-washed and are able to be washed over and over. This set has a beautiful gold and brown silk on the front that I am not sure it can be washed. I might be able to be spot cleaned and washed on gentle but not put in the dryer.
I know that does not sound as practical for a burp cloth but there is always the back to use and again maybe just a spot cleaning will do it. I just love how the rich gold front looks with the dark maroon fleece backing. It would look great on a purse and could be used as the back up, back up burp cloth.
Sometimes you just have to make something that moves you but is not practical.

I am getting closer and closer to showing you the before and after of the baby room. I am thinking about entering it into a contest and if I do I will let you know so that you can vote for me. Happy Wednesday, I have a feeling Friday will be here before I know it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and Fall Decorations

Happy Belated Halloween everyone!

I was going to get this posted yesterday but I was busy getting ready for all 10 trick-or-treaters we had. I was really excited about that number because we were up this year 50% over the number we had last year.
Last week I changed some decorations around the house from spring/summer to fall/winter decorations and the pumpkins were part of that.

Last year I put a few little gourds and pumpkins in the window boxes with some hay. I thought I had to go find or buy more hay but I realized I saved it from last year! This year I decided to buy some fake pumpkins and gourds so that I can use them over and over. I like the little white pumpkin with the two orange gourds.
For these two pumpkins for the porch I bought bigger fake pumpkins and put a vinyl be on them and then covered them with glow-in-the-dark glitter. They do not get a chance to glow a lot because the light is always on by the front door. The glitter does give them a little big of shimmer that I like even if I never get to see them glow. I put one green gourd with each pumpkin, I think it needs a bit more, I was thinking a mum would have made the groupings. Maybe next year!
These will probably stay up for a big since they are not going to rot and turn from Halloween decorations to fall decorations. Next year with a little one "running around" we will probably buy a few real pumpkins to carve and light up to show them how it is done.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween and that you have been good with the left over candy. Happy All Saints Day today!



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