Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Auction Apron

My mother-in-law ordered this apron for a local Church auction and I was happy to make something for her to donate. It has been a while since I have made an adult apron and I sort of miss it. Maybe there will be a few more where this one came from!
The main fabric is so much fun, I love the brown and cream flowers, neutral but with some punch. I paired it with a cream fabric that has brown dots in different shades making a diamond shape. I wish the background was more cream and less yellow but I just could not find a fabric that I liked better.
I have yet to try a full apron because I am really still loving these cute skirt aprons. I love to wear them while cooking before having people over and sometimes I hate to take them off when the guests arrive because they are so cute.

This would be so cute for Thansgiving prep, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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V said...

Super cute apron! I love the scales of the prints are perfect together...

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