Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Room After

A great way to get moving on a project is to have a contest that you want to enter. I learned about the ohdeedoh contest a few months ago and decided I wanted to enter. I had no idea when it was going to start but I was slowly preparing for when it was announced. I just realized a few weeks ago that they announced it and people were already submitting their rooms. It used to be called the small room big color contest and this year it is small kid big color.
Go here look at the entries that were voted on.  You can go now to vote for the winner. There are some really great rooms on there. I think I might try again next year when we have the baby and know what it is and have more stuff in the room.

Lets take a look at a before picture from earlier this year when the baby room was the craft room. It has a ton of stuff in it but at the same time it was pretty practical. I hope when the craft area gets moved to the basement I can organize it better.
Here are the five pics of the baby room that I entered into the contest. I only have the girly fabric for the baby room so I used that to create a few things that I thought the room needed.

I love the animals around the room but they were falling off the wall on day two so I am now going to have to paint them with white paint to get the animals on the wall. I also love the shelves and of course it does not look as put together as it could be because I have no pictures in the picture frames and I am sure there will be more cute things once baby arrives.

There are a few things that still need to be done. After the baby arrives I need to actually make the bed skirt, drapery, pillow etc with the correct fabric. I need to put together the changing table top with the changing pad, cover, and some changing accessories. I also would love to hang some other items on the wall and make a mobile for over the bed. Like I said earlier the picture frames need pictures for them. I hope to fill them with cute pics of baby bee after they arrive.

I was a bit upset that I was not chosen for the contest but there are some really great rooms that deserve it. I know the room is not as finished as the rest of the rooms that were chosen and almost everyone else either already had the child or knew what it was going to be. We have no idea what baby bee is which I makes it harder to really finish the room with the fabrics I choose. I am okay with the contest now and am just so in love with the baby room and I hope that our little one loves it as much as we do. It makes me so happy to go in there and that is all that matters.


Jen said...

I love it Julia! It's so bold and pretty.

V said...

Jules... it looks awesome!!! I love the animals around the room. Very nice touch. Your little one is going to love the room, I just know it! :)

Bailey Mohr said...

Love, love, love the room! So creative!

Cathy said...

The decals are too cute! It's a shame they kept falling off the wall.

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