Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stars and Stripes Leggings With Onesie

I was asked to make a onesie and two sets of leggings for baby girl T. I was so excited to make a matching set because I think those leggings look so cute on baby with a matching onesie or outfit.
The leggings are a bright fuchsia pink and the stars and stripes are a dark navy blue making them look almost black. These same colors are found in the floral print that the T is made from, a few shades of pink and a deep midnight blue. I think this color combination is a fun change from pink and black and is even a bit more subtle, if that is possible with pink. :)
Here is a closeup of the T, I used the darker blue for the outline because I really wanted the T to stand out and with the pink thread it just faded into the pink flowers. I love how abstract the floral ends up looking in a smaller piece, you have to look to see what it is and that dead white space in the middle of the flower really pulls your eye into the shape giving it some pop. It looks like the flower is flying out of that white space.  

This is the first time I have used my silhouette to cut out fabric and I am excited to use it more often, it will save my little hand from cutting out those letters, especially the intricate ones.

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V said...

The leggings are super cute!!! The babies you dress are so stylish. :)

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