Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Brother Big Sister Shirts

A friend and great supporter of my items wanted to do a big brother and big sister shirt for her older kiddos in prep for baby #3 that was due to arrive any day. Really all I did here was help her cut out the big brother and big sister. The shirts turned out to be so cute! She cut out birds from my scrap fabric and sewed them on the two shirts and one for herself.
Here are two pictures from the photographer that she used (and also works for) showing the kids with their shirts and her with her shirt. On hers she put three birds, one for each child out of fabric matching the bird on their shirt.
If you notice there is a third bird and I do not have a picture of the third little bird shirt. He was born after this photo was taken and so I will have to follow up with a picture of that one later. You can learn more about this photographer HERE and read about the deal that they picked up for all of these photos HERE.
I can't wait to see how this new little bird completes this beautiful family!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Father's Day Shirts

I was not sure what I was going to get my husband for Father's Day last weekend. I didn't think too much about it and then a friend of mine showed me a shirt like this but it said Grandpa est 2010. We were thinking this would be great for our husbands to celebrate Father's Day.
I went ahead and made this for my husband I thought it was especially fitting because it was his first Father's Day. Below is a closer view. I loved the way it turned out and so did my husband. He is not really a big gift giver no does he really love gifts but I think he really liked this one...he even took it off when eating food he normally gets on himself. I am so excited to see him wear it more often.
Instead of this shirt we made my friend's husband a "big daddy" shirt. He was commenting that he should have a shirt that said big daddy after he saw his kids with shirts that said big brother and big sister (you will see those soon). What a great idea! So I put this together for them and I actually saw him wearing it when we went to visit the new baby-always great to see someone loving something that you made.
Here is a closer view. I love this looks even better on kids shirts.
Well it seems like we both hit it big this year with our Father's Day presents. Now to start thinking of what I can do next year. Maybe a coupon book for daddy with coupons for things that dad loves!

What did the dad you love get for Father's day?

Friday, June 24, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #71

I have been sending out a few packages lately (more on what is inside them in a few months) and needed to find some envelopes to send them in. I didn't want to use the ordinary brown ones and I saw on a website about how to make your own out of paper. That is when it hit me- I could use wallpaper to make the envelopes! And so my recycled, cool, simple envelopes were born.
I went down to my stash in the basement and picked out a few that I thought would be large enough to use for what I was sending. I wrapped the item in tissue, sewed up the sides and then put the item in the package. folded over the top and sewed up the top.
I did not use bubble wrap and wanted to see how these arrived at their destination. I heard back from both people saying that they arrived in good condition!! I even got a compliment from the woman at the Post Office! I can't wait to send some more items out in these homemade packages. For larger items I am thinking I might use two different pieces of wallpaper that coordinate -one for the front and one for the back.

I am pretty excited about these...oh the possibilities.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Year

My cousin's daughter just had her first birthday a few weeks ago and my cousin asked if I would make a shirt for her! I was so excited to do so because I wanted to try out a new way of making one year shirts so I can start making more of them, and so I can one day make one for my little man too. I have used my screen printing machine before to create things like this and this but that is so expensive for each name that I want to apply. Then I tried to print the kiddos name in the number and I liked that but still wanted have the name displayed boldly. Finally I realized that I could use my silhouette to cut out the name with heat transfer paper.
The one is out of the pink and brown polka-dot fabric that I used on her onesie here way back when and her name is out of the pink flocked iron on transfer that I had on hand. I like the way it looked and I think I see so many fun things in my future with this way of doing the shirts. I can imagine a lot of different aged shirts 1 and up. I was also thinking of adding some rhinestone bling to this but I might try that next time, not sure quite where to put it yet.
From the looks of my cousin's pictures this little girl had a great first birthday and this was just one of THREE super cute birthday shirts she wore! I was so proud that my shirt made it out during one of a few birthday cake smashing parts of the party (or maybe it was parties).

There is more numbered shirts and onesies where this came from....I will be back in a few months with more!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Because You Can Never Have Too Many

When I was at the store back in the fall this fabric was on the cutting table and I just had to have some of it. I am having such a love for orange these days that I knew I had to make something for myself out of this fabric.
Before baby Bee arrived I made a breastfeeding cover for myself with two matching burp cloths. I lent it to my sister-in-law while I was still at home with him and so I needed to make another one for myself to use until I got mine back and as a back up cover. This fabric was the perfect fabric for the backup cover. I just loved how it turned out! My husband thought I was just crazy for having two of these but I thought it was genius especially since I take Bee to work and sometimes forget the cover there.
Well I had yet to break this second cover out when I was at Church a few weeks ago ready to feed Bee before we left to go home and could not find my cover in the daiper was gone! I have no idea where it went, maybe it fell out of my bag on the way in?! I would hope that no one would want to steal a breastfeeding cover but you never know. I have yet to look in the lost and found but have a feeling that it will not be found again. That is okay because I have this back up cover all ready to go! I do miss my first cover and might even need to make another one to have as a back up.
See you can never have too many, it might just come in handy one day. Maybe I should have one for each season! :) nah I have to work on paying projects instead of just myself.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #70

I have new bags! I have been wanting to work on these bags for a long time and with the help of my yudu machine I finally made them. I was going to use yellow on this neutral colored bag but it did not show up as dark as I wanted it to, I printed all of them while the screen was wet. Here is what they look like:
Here it is when I tried it on one of the white bags that I have. It looks even worse on the white than it does on the neutral bags, but for some reason this picture doesn't make it look too bad.
So instead I decided to try blue. I love blue it is one of my favorite colors. I am still experimenting with what color to use all of the time, but maybe I will switch it up and not use the same color all of the time. Any color recommendations?
I made a screen for my yudu about a year ago with my business name on it but I did not format it with my button logo. That just means more time actually printing the bags -one for the title, once for the sub-line, and once for the logo. You can see that the first picture is just my title and no sub-line, that shows the first run. The second picture has the title and sub-line it is the second run. I never made the third run because it was just taking so long to let it dry between runs. So next time I am going to make it on one screen...formatted the way I want it on the bag with the two names and the button logo.

That is going to have to wait until I am ready to make a new screen with other items. I have been thinking about big and little brother and sister shirts and doing months and year on the screen so I can screen print that on onesies and shirts. Anything you would like to see? Maybe a design that I can print on napkins...humm. You will have to wait and see.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bjorn Bib In Terry Cloth

I made a Bjorn bib for myself a few months ago and I went ahead and put it on my carrier so I am sure I know where it is when I need it. Well I didn't really ever want to make one again but here I was making two more a few weeks ago.
Right before a friend had her baby girl she ordered these two Bjorn bibs from me. She wanted a white one, which will be great to bleach and to hide all milk stains. She also wanted a fun colored one to use while the other one was in the wash. I surprised her with an orange one, not only am I loving orange right now but I think she might be too. Her baby's room is orange and brown but the orange she did is more of a red orange than the color of this bib in the picture.
I took this to her last week and got to meet the little baby and was so glad to see her and remember what it is like to have a newborn baby. It seems like just yesterday but I still forget all of the small things that infants do. Sigh. Makes me want another one! NOT YET! :)

I took this and a few more pictures outside. I need to find a few props to put my items on when taking pictures outside. Maybe a cool baby chair? A colored stool? I am not sure but I am loving the light better than the yellowish color of the pictures taken in my house.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mobile Template

What do you guys think about the new mobile template of my blog via
blogger? It is not as pretty as the web version but maybe it is easier
for you to read and navigate from your mobile device? Or do you just
view my blog post through google reader.
Let me know what you think. Keep this or go back to how it was.

Pretty Dots All In a Row: Breastfeeding Cover

I have a few colorways of this fabric and there is something about it that I just like, the random dots, that they are connected by a thin line, the subtle color changes? I am not sure but I think it makes a great neutral colored cover for someone who is not sure what they are having.
I have quite a few friends having babies and this cover was for one of my first time mom friends. It has almost become standard that I give a cover to new moms but sometimes I just do not have time, this time I did. I hope that she enjoys this cover and I can not wait to find out what this baby is going to be...boy or girl. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Toddler Blanket

I got an email from a woman who saw my stuff through a friend's facebook page and wanted to know if I could make a toddler blanket for her. I said yes, and so began our journey to find something perfect for her and her son. We shared many emails with me sending pictures of fabric to figure out the pattern and price range she wanted to be in. We finally settled on a neutral green gingham check fabric with a white flannel on the back.
I think the fabric combination is so simple but something about it is so sweet. It reminds me of my childhood with many gingham fabrics in my room. It almost says baby and cozy to me, this blanket looks like something I would want to snuggle with upon going to bed.
It was picked up last weekend and Mom seemed to be happy with how it turned out. I hope that this almost on year old enjoys this blanket for years to come. Next up his first birthday shirt? Maybe maybe not? Thanks for taking a chance on me.

By the way, this friend of mine that referred me to this client will receive a 10% discount. If you refer someone make sure they say how they heard about me and I will give you 10% off your next order.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #69

I was reading on of the many blogs on my blog list and saw a giveaway for a lightscoop. They had some promising pictures on the blog of their own face, one with the light scoop and one with out. I was impressed. I did not win the giveaway but I am wondering if I should look into this more and maybe buy one?! Now I really do not need to buy anything like this right now but hey I can look and dream right?
Here is a picture of before and after with different types of lightscoops from their website. Look at the difference! You can buy the lightscoop HERE. I am not a photographer by any means and have no idea if this would even help but I feel like the major problem with my images is lighting and it looks like this might help.

Have any of you heard of this? It was new to me.



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