Monday, June 13, 2011

Bjorn Bib In Terry Cloth

I made a Bjorn bib for myself a few months ago and I went ahead and put it on my carrier so I am sure I know where it is when I need it. Well I didn't really ever want to make one again but here I was making two more a few weeks ago.
Right before a friend had her baby girl she ordered these two Bjorn bibs from me. She wanted a white one, which will be great to bleach and to hide all milk stains. She also wanted a fun colored one to use while the other one was in the wash. I surprised her with an orange one, not only am I loving orange right now but I think she might be too. Her baby's room is orange and brown but the orange she did is more of a red orange than the color of this bib in the picture.
I took this to her last week and got to meet the little baby and was so glad to see her and remember what it is like to have a newborn baby. It seems like just yesterday but I still forget all of the small things that infants do. Sigh. Makes me want another one! NOT YET! :)

I took this and a few more pictures outside. I need to find a few props to put my items on when taking pictures outside. Maybe a cool baby chair? A colored stool? I am not sure but I am loving the light better than the yellowish color of the pictures taken in my house.

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