Friday, June 17, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #70

I have new bags! I have been wanting to work on these bags for a long time and with the help of my yudu machine I finally made them. I was going to use yellow on this neutral colored bag but it did not show up as dark as I wanted it to, I printed all of them while the screen was wet. Here is what they look like:
Here it is when I tried it on one of the white bags that I have. It looks even worse on the white than it does on the neutral bags, but for some reason this picture doesn't make it look too bad.
So instead I decided to try blue. I love blue it is one of my favorite colors. I am still experimenting with what color to use all of the time, but maybe I will switch it up and not use the same color all of the time. Any color recommendations?
I made a screen for my yudu about a year ago with my business name on it but I did not format it with my button logo. That just means more time actually printing the bags -one for the title, once for the sub-line, and once for the logo. You can see that the first picture is just my title and no sub-line, that shows the first run. The second picture has the title and sub-line it is the second run. I never made the third run because it was just taking so long to let it dry between runs. So next time I am going to make it on one screen...formatted the way I want it on the bag with the two names and the button logo.

That is going to have to wait until I am ready to make a new screen with other items. I have been thinking about big and little brother and sister shirts and doing months and year on the screen so I can screen print that on onesies and shirts. Anything you would like to see? Maybe a design that I can print on napkins...humm. You will have to wait and see.

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jmlo said...

i do love it, too! looks good.

i read a thing about one couple doing monthly growth pictures of their baby - so months seems like a good idea. but when does that stop? 24 months? 36? i turn 372 months soon do they make shirts for that?

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