Monday, June 20, 2011

Because You Can Never Have Too Many

When I was at the store back in the fall this fabric was on the cutting table and I just had to have some of it. I am having such a love for orange these days that I knew I had to make something for myself out of this fabric.
Before baby Bee arrived I made a breastfeeding cover for myself with two matching burp cloths. I lent it to my sister-in-law while I was still at home with him and so I needed to make another one for myself to use until I got mine back and as a back up cover. This fabric was the perfect fabric for the backup cover. I just loved how it turned out! My husband thought I was just crazy for having two of these but I thought it was genius especially since I take Bee to work and sometimes forget the cover there.
Well I had yet to break this second cover out when I was at Church a few weeks ago ready to feed Bee before we left to go home and could not find my cover in the daiper was gone! I have no idea where it went, maybe it fell out of my bag on the way in?! I would hope that no one would want to steal a breastfeeding cover but you never know. I have yet to look in the lost and found but have a feeling that it will not be found again. That is okay because I have this back up cover all ready to go! I do miss my first cover and might even need to make another one to have as a back up.
See you can never have too many, it might just come in handy one day. Maybe I should have one for each season! :) nah I have to work on paying projects instead of just myself.

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