Friday, September 30, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #85

Sometimes when I go to the fabric store I pick up fabric that I think is so cute; then I get home and think what am I going to do with this?! Well these two fabrics are the product of such trip. I saw these two fabrics and thought oh these would be great for kids stuff. When I got them home I was not as excited about them.
The top fabric is the cutest ballerina fabric! It would be really cute as an applique on a ballet bag for a little girl or even on a shirt for a little ballerina. I remember when I was little I LIVED in a red leotard and black leggings and patent leather shoes and I thought I was the best dancer ever (yeah I only took one class). ;)
The bottom fabric is a flannel fabric with baby bears on it, it is really soft. It is not my favorite flannel but I am sure someone will love it. I am sure it would but a cute taggie blanket or soft on a burp cloth.
I am so glad that it is Friday! Is anyone else just excited to get on with the weekend? I have some fun plans this weekend and tomorrow is going to be a busy but fun day, with what should be great weather. What are you doing this weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Gift Set Part II

I showed you the first part of this gift set HERE and I have finished the set and sent them along to the happy momma. She is pleased with how the set turned out and I wanted to show you the final pieces. When making these onesies I had some problems with the screen printing and I thought you might like to see a screw up!
I first put the letters on the onesies and then screen printed the word months. Well it was hard to see the shirt through the inked screen so some of the placement was not how I would like it and some of the letters are faint and there is ink outside of the lettering. You might not be able to see that from this picture but they are not up to my perfectionist standards. Would anyone like to buy a "seconds" set of three onesies? I will have them on my etsy site asap.
So here we have the final set ready to go. This time I think I screen printed the words and then applied the numbers after I was sure they were how I wanted them to be. I am really happy with how they turned out and hope to sell more of these sets in the future. This first year gift set includes one initial with name onesie, a 3,6, and 9 month onesie and a one year onesie with a name on it. This set is $40.00 which is a discount of $5.00 from what it would be for each onesie individually.
I wanted to show you the onesie up close. The material on an onesie is really hard to embroider on so I have started putting fabric on the back to help stabilize it. I am still not totally happy with it but I think it is cute. I could always screen print the name on the onesie as well.

Anyone need a set of onesies. These could be really great for photographing your baby the first year, I can always add more onesies or take some out of the set. I hope to have this set available on etsy as soon as I have time to get it on there.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Onesie

A friend of mine is having a baby due on Halloween. Now you have to know her to know how perfect this is, she LOVES Halloween. Loves scary movies. Loves dressing up etc. I thought it was so fitting that she is due Oct 31st that for her baby shower I knew I had to make her a little skeleton onesie.
They are waiting to find out what they are having so this is a perfect unisex outfit and even if baby comes after Halloween it will be cute to wear right after as well. I used white screen printing ink and then tried for the first time the glow in the dark ink. It looks pretty cool. It glows slightly in the dark and makes it look a bit like a zombie...zombies glow right!? Well they sound like the should. I think next time I will wait and put another layer of glow in the dark in on top so that it glows even brighter.
I paired this onesie with this set of baby leggings perfect for either a boy or girl and for fall to wear with this onesie and make diaper changes easier. These grow with baby and I am sure that they can be worn in spring with any white or black onesie...perfect for tummy time or crawling.
I think the gift was a success, she seemed to like it and now I can not wait to find out when this baby is going to arrive and what it is going to be! I have the perfect "welcome home" for the baby that I can not wait to make.
Does anyone need a onesie for Halloween? Put your order in!

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #84

Wow these posts keep getting later and later, I don't know how some parents get it all done in a day-and blog! I am trying to keep up the pace.

Several months ago I saw on some craft blogs that the makers of Yudu came out with new products for the Yudu. I was so excited to hear about it and of course had to buy all of the new stuff myself to try out. They added a new screen that you can use a special glue to screen print an image on your item and then use glitter, foil or flocking to embellish your item. HOW COOL.
I have not actually had time to play with these yet but they are on my list of things to do when I am feeling adventurous. Maybe this will come in handy for a Christmas project that I have in mind. Flocking is big right now in wallpaper and fabric so I think this is something great that I can add to items that I make to give them a fresh look.

The foil and glitter I think will be great to layer with the standard ink, to accent and give a bit of bling to a design. The flocking and glitter I can totally see on a card to add some zing and dimension.

Oh so many ideas so little time! Now back to sewing..I have a few things I want to get finished and out in the mail. I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you get to enjoy this beautiful weather. I think I see some walks in my future, need to get them in before it is too cold to walk outside.

Image found here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfect For A Girl

As I was saying in this blog post I made a cover for a friend that was really not what it should have been. She had her sweet baby girl last week and I finished this cover just in time to give it to her. She ended up using it in the hospital and I was so glad to hear that!
I think this fabric is perfect for her, colorful but not too over the top. It actually reminds me of an afghan or handmade quilt and I know that she loves things like that so that is why I choose it. I get to visit with her and the baby tomorrow and I am sure I will get to see this cover in action. ;)

Like I said before the other cover is on my etsy site ready to be purchased. I also have custom cover listing in case you want to order a cover, I would be happy to pick a fabric that is perfect for you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

L Is For...

Lincoln! This cute oneise is for a baby due next month. A classmate of mine from collage saw one of my previous onesies on facebook and asked if I would make one for her to give as a gift- of course! I used the argyle fabric that she requested and embroidered the name on top of the appliqued letter.
Nothing you haven't seen me do before but I had to show it off on the blog. Every baby item is different just as every baby is different. This little boy will be cute in his little onesie and can you imagine a little sweater over this onesie to keep baby warm during those chilly October days? CUTE.
I am off to get my "to do" sewing items together. It is so helpful to have everything organized and ready to go when I have time to sit down and cut, sew, or iron. Everything takes me longer to do these days and it is so helpful if I have everything together. Sadly some of those projects might sit in the "to cut" box for a long longer than I would like. Paying customers come first and my fun items take a back seat to money! (Even if sometimes that money just goes to feed my fabric addiction).

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #83

These two fabrics signify the last sun and glimmer of summer for me. The weather is getting colder and I am just not ready for it, I was just getting used to summer fun skirts and dresses. I do love all four seasons it just feels like they come and go so quickly! Anyway these two fabrics just make me happy on a sunny day in between two rainy days.
I didn't have a project in mind when I picked up these two fabrics. The floral I just thought was so cute, it would make a great little girls dress or skirt. I might actually end up making it into some napkins. Did I already tell you that I am trying to be more "green" by using less paper products? So far so good but I need more napkins with patterns to hide the stains.
This little purple gingham is so precious! Is it because I only have a boy and all things pink and purple just make me smile or just the simplicity of this fabric that I like? I don't know. I am just drawn to gingham and I might just have to use this for a baby blanket or lovie or I a might even save it and make a quilt with all of these pretty "on the whim" fabrics.

I wish there were more hours in the day!!! I have a bunch of projects that I need to get a move on and do over the weekend, lets hope bee takes a good nap tomorrow so that I can get a lot of things finished. Sleeping five hours at night getting stuff done is just not any fun.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Lovies

Back when I was making a ton of silky burp cloths I had some extra fabric left over that decided to make into small blankets or lovies as I have heard them called. These are about 24" x 28" and are the perfect size for a little one to cuddle with while sleeping or sucking their thumb.
Bee used to love his burp cloths that I would put in the car seat as we were driving (for spit-up accidents), he would chew and suck on them to go to sleep. I see these being very similar in use, something to help the little ones feel cozy and go to sleep. Soft and silky on one side and warm and cuddly on the other and totally machine washable.
I love the two fabrics together, the textures are almost like total opposites but the colors together are great. The brown is perfect to ground the leopard print. I hope to feature these on etsy as soon as I am feeling better and can add some different personalization options that I have in mind.
This blanket is again a scrap piece from another blanket I made. This is not quite large enough to call a blanket but is perfect for a lovie. Something cozy and cute for baby to cuddle and hold. The fabric on top is a cotton print with abc's and baby items on it. I think it is neutral enough for both boys and girls but it looks like it has a few more "boy items" on the print, helicopters and dinosaurs.
The fabric on the back is a really soft material that I have used on several blankets before. It is as soft as the minky fabric but a different texture. Again a very nice neutral color that would be great as a shower gift for a family that has not revealed baby's gender. This will also be featured on etsy in a few weeks. Be on the look out, I hope to add several new products in the coming weeks.

Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather, there is something about this dark, rainy morning that makes me really prepare for fall. Can it be here already? I am still in love with summer.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brain ReCOVERy

I have realized that even several months after having a baby your brain still does not fully function. I thought for sure once I started sleeping more and Bee got a bit older that my brain would come back but I still find myself forgetting things, a lot!

One great example is this gift for a friend of mine who is due any day with her first baby. I was getting ready to make her a cover for her baby shower and I was looking for a neutral fabric because for some reason I had it in my head that she did not know what she was having. I found this stripe and thought it was pretty neutral and figured if she had a girl I could always trade her for a more girly one.
I get to the shower and all the gifts she is getting are girl related! WHAT!? How embarrassing- everyone knew she was having a girl. Now the sad thing about it is that I KNEW THAT TOO! Haha yes I did. She posted a few months back that they were having a baby girl and I forgot all about that when making this cover. So of course when she opened it I apologized and said I would be happy to make her a different cover. I did so and this one is on its way back to me.

I have posted this for sale on Etsy and anyone that would like to buy it for themselves or someone else please feel free to do so Here in my shop.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #82

Where did Friday go!? I was all ready to get this post out earlier and here we are late again. Sorry I hope that you weren't just biting your lip you were so nervous about where this post was. haha who am I kidding.
These again are some pictures I took at night in bad lighting...the colors are more vibrant in real life. The top fabric, the green stripe is going to be great for initials on a little boy onesie or bib. Could make a great tie if cut on the diagonal. The second fabric down I just love! I got a little piece of it go to with a coordinating dot for a future apron.
The third fabric down, the overlapping floral, has a great color combination, green with blue and brown. Are you sick of seeing brown with green and blue yet? Not me. The stripe on the bottom is not my favorite fabric by itself but when you see it with its coordinating fabric you will see why I choose it. I know that purple is big this year but I can not really get myself to like that shade of purpley-pink. I am sure there are a lot of you that really like those fall colors but being a "spring" in fashion this fabric does not thrill me. To each his own for sure!
These don't look too bad together, or maybe that is just the muddy lighting making them all look dirty. Now that I think about it I think all of these fabrics went into an apron. I think these were fabrics that I bought to go with fabrics that I already had but needed a mate to finish cutting aprons. I can not wait to get these aprons sewn up and show you the combinations I have. Some of them are so cute that I want to keep them for myself.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sweetheart Little Girl

I recently went to a first birthday party for my cousin's daughter. I wanted to get her a little something but she already had a first birthday shirt so I couldn't do that. I could have bought her a present but making something is so much more fun. After thinking about it and going through a million options I decided to make her a shirt with a heart and rhinestones.
I cut the heart out of a pink and white polka dot on pink fabric and applied it to the tee-shirt. Then I applied rhinestones around the edges of the heart and made them into the shape of an L on the front. The L is her first initial, it does not stand for love...but it could. :) This could turn into a Valentine's Day shirt for the next baby girl since I am not sure she can wear this when the next holiday comes around.
Here is a closer look at the heart. I think it is really cute and simple and perfect for a little one year old girl. The rhinestones give it a little shine, but it isn't over the top.
I hope this little girl enjoys it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shirts With A Second Life

Happy Labor Day!!!

This is going to be a quick post with even fewer words than normal and some fun before and after pictures. I think you will understand them with out a million explanations.

I had two polo shirts that I really liked and they both had grease stains on them that I could not get rid of. I tried everything but before getting rid of them I decided to see if I could do something to hide the stains.
This first one the stain is below the polo emblem and I decided to monogram my initials on it to hide the stain, since it was right below the logo I thought that might help it make sense. I thought since it was close to the logo doing some screen printing might be too much.
I think it turned out pretty good! You can still sort of see the stain but when wearing it you don't even notice.
This shirt the stain was too large to just do a monogram so I decided to try screen printing this one.
Here it is all finished and I have even worn it a few times. I love the way it turned out and actually can not wait to take more old tired plain shirts and embellish them with ink!

Have a great and safe holiday!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #81

I just wanted to write a quick post to tell you about the cool flooring that we are going to use in the basement. After some discussion and compromise the hubby and I decided that this faux wood foam floor would be the way to go in the basement. You can take one tile out if something happens to it and if the basement leaks (which it has done A LOT) you can just pull these up, clean up and put them back down. They do not absorb the moisture and are soft and fun for kids to play on. Bonus they look like wood, ok maybe not really but hey they are better than bright red right?

You can go learn more about them here, this is where we hope to buy them from in a few weeks.

Here is a picture from their site of what a piece looks like.

We had two samples of the two different wood colors sent to us and we decided to go with the lighter color in hopes that when and if the surface gets scratched and dented you will not notice it as much since the foam backing is light.

I did talk to someone who has this in their house and they love it. Now they just use the space for a play room and probably do not have as much furniture as we plan to have but then again we are also going to put rugs over this. I am not too happy about the "foam texture" you can see in the picture above but hey marriage is all about compromise. :)

*I am never paid or perked when I show "new" finds. I just wanted to share something I think is cool with you!



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