Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Onesie

A friend of mine is having a baby due on Halloween. Now you have to know her to know how perfect this is, she LOVES Halloween. Loves scary movies. Loves dressing up etc. I thought it was so fitting that she is due Oct 31st that for her baby shower I knew I had to make her a little skeleton onesie.
They are waiting to find out what they are having so this is a perfect unisex outfit and even if baby comes after Halloween it will be cute to wear right after as well. I used white screen printing ink and then tried for the first time the glow in the dark ink. It looks pretty cool. It glows slightly in the dark and makes it look a bit like a zombie...zombies glow right!? Well they sound like the should. I think next time I will wait and put another layer of glow in the dark in on top so that it glows even brighter.
I paired this onesie with this set of baby leggings perfect for either a boy or girl and for fall to wear with this onesie and make diaper changes easier. These grow with baby and I am sure that they can be worn in spring with any white or black onesie...perfect for tummy time or crawling.
I think the gift was a success, she seemed to like it and now I can not wait to find out when this baby is going to arrive and what it is going to be! I have the perfect "welcome home" for the baby that I can not wait to make.
Does anyone need a onesie for Halloween? Put your order in!

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