Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Sweetheart Little Girl

I recently went to a first birthday party for my cousin's daughter. I wanted to get her a little something but she already had a first birthday shirt so I couldn't do that. I could have bought her a present but making something is so much more fun. After thinking about it and going through a million options I decided to make her a shirt with a heart and rhinestones.
I cut the heart out of a pink and white polka dot on pink fabric and applied it to the tee-shirt. Then I applied rhinestones around the edges of the heart and made them into the shape of an L on the front. The L is her first initial, it does not stand for love...but it could. :) This could turn into a Valentine's Day shirt for the next baby girl since I am not sure she can wear this when the next holiday comes around.
Here is a closer look at the heart. I think it is really cute and simple and perfect for a little one year old girl. The rhinestones give it a little shine, but it isn't over the top.
I hope this little girl enjoys it!

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