Friday, September 9, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #82

Where did Friday go!? I was all ready to get this post out earlier and here we are late again. Sorry I hope that you weren't just biting your lip you were so nervous about where this post was. haha who am I kidding.
These again are some pictures I took at night in bad lighting...the colors are more vibrant in real life. The top fabric, the green stripe is going to be great for initials on a little boy onesie or bib. Could make a great tie if cut on the diagonal. The second fabric down I just love! I got a little piece of it go to with a coordinating dot for a future apron.
The third fabric down, the overlapping floral, has a great color combination, green with blue and brown. Are you sick of seeing brown with green and blue yet? Not me. The stripe on the bottom is not my favorite fabric by itself but when you see it with its coordinating fabric you will see why I choose it. I know that purple is big this year but I can not really get myself to like that shade of purpley-pink. I am sure there are a lot of you that really like those fall colors but being a "spring" in fashion this fabric does not thrill me. To each his own for sure!
These don't look too bad together, or maybe that is just the muddy lighting making them all look dirty. Now that I think about it I think all of these fabrics went into an apron. I think these were fabrics that I bought to go with fabrics that I already had but needed a mate to finish cutting aprons. I can not wait to get these aprons sewn up and show you the combinations I have. Some of them are so cute that I want to keep them for myself.

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