Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby Gift Set Part II

I showed you the first part of this gift set HERE and I have finished the set and sent them along to the happy momma. She is pleased with how the set turned out and I wanted to show you the final pieces. When making these onesies I had some problems with the screen printing and I thought you might like to see a screw up!
I first put the letters on the onesies and then screen printed the word months. Well it was hard to see the shirt through the inked screen so some of the placement was not how I would like it and some of the letters are faint and there is ink outside of the lettering. You might not be able to see that from this picture but they are not up to my perfectionist standards. Would anyone like to buy a "seconds" set of three onesies? I will have them on my etsy site asap.
So here we have the final set ready to go. This time I think I screen printed the words and then applied the numbers after I was sure they were how I wanted them to be. I am really happy with how they turned out and hope to sell more of these sets in the future. This first year gift set includes one initial with name onesie, a 3,6, and 9 month onesie and a one year onesie with a name on it. This set is $40.00 which is a discount of $5.00 from what it would be for each onesie individually.
I wanted to show you the onesie up close. The material on an onesie is really hard to embroider on so I have started putting fabric on the back to help stabilize it. I am still not totally happy with it but I think it is cute. I could always screen print the name on the onesie as well.

Anyone need a set of onesies. These could be really great for photographing your baby the first year, I can always add more onesies or take some out of the set. I hope to have this set available on etsy as soon as I have time to get it on there.

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