Friday, April 8, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #64

A friend of mine recently told me about these stylish hospital gowns. I had no idea these existed and would have been great to wear if they fit better than the standard issue hospital gown. She was showing me these and wondered if they could be something I could make for less. I think it would be close depending on the persons size. I don't think I will be taking these on but wanted to know what you thought.

For fun take this poll and tell me what you think.

Would you buy and wear a designer hospital gown?

YES! How great to be comfortable and stylish after giving birth
NO! That is a crazy waste of money.
Maybe, depending on the price.
Maybe, if I can make it custom, picking my own fabrics.
I wear my own clothes in the hospital.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen Menu

A friend of mine asked me a few weeks ago to make her some letters for a project she was working on that she saw HERE. She was going to be in town so I had to work on it fast to get it to her while she was here. I printed them two different ways, once backwards, in case she wanted to put it on the back of the glass and another set so she could put it on the front of the glass. I realized after I  made them backwards that the letters would not look good on the back of the glass but gave those to her anyway. Here they are ready to go home.
She emailed me a picture of the item and we talked about what kind of font she wanted to use, script or regular. She didn't care and I picked out this font, which I think is so cute. I have no idea what it is called now but I like how some of the letters are capital like the d instead of lowercase. It adds some character.
Look here is a picture of her using it already, with her recipes written on it! Her family is going to be glad to know what they are eating and it will make her shopping easier with the meals all planned out a head of time.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Room Update

We have been working very hard on finishing baby bee's room over the past few weeks. We looked all over town for lamp shades to match the two that I already had. We finally found them all after going to six different stores, but that is another story. I cut and sewed the fabric that I had during nap time and finally have all of them finished and on the light fixture.
I did a quick bed skirt
Put the fabric on the nightlight. Since this picture DH has turned the outlet around so the nightlight is in the correct direction.
We finally got all of the knobs for the dresser and cut them to fit. LOVE THEM and look the dots match the changing pad cover.
I started painting the animals that fell off the wall. It will be a while before I finish all of them but I love them!
Here is a shot of the closet, okay it is not totally clean but I organized some of the stuff into my orange bins and labeled the bins with tags. This makes it easier for the DH go to in and get something out when I ask him to get something. Before I had to say, "look in the bin on the second shelf in the middle," now he can just go in and find it. (see that last knob off the is there now)
I am so excited to have something finished and totally love it, so does baby bee, he loves to look around at his animals. Things still need to be hung but I don't want to put holes in the wall yet. I am waiting until I have all of the animals finished to see what we need to hang and how to space them.

Ps did you see the beginning of this post in your reader accidentally get published before I was ready? That was back in February, it was called baby eoom. oopps :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #63

This Friday find is something more personal then business oriented but I thought this was a cool idea. I got these Oxo ice cube trays with lids to use to freeze various items, breast milk, baby food, and even speciality ice cubes. Who doesn't like orange juice ice cubes in their sprite, mmmm.
The great thing about these is that they hold small quantities that you can freeze and then thaw to become individual baby serving sizes. The cubes will not get freezer burn because the lid slides over the tray and clicks closed. You can stack them much easier than ice cube trays with no lids. Since the lid slides instead of popping on and off so you can easily remove a few cubes at a time and the rest stay in place instead of ending up all over the floor, which is where mine used to end up.

I think these are really cool and can not wait to start using them.



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