Friday, January 29, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #4

Are you ready for a New Find Friday? I finally have something that isn't fabric that I am excited to show off. Last weekend I ventured out to Illinois with some girlfriends to have lunch at a cute tea room. Not only did they have amazing food but they also had a huge gift shop. We walked around while waiting to be seated and among all of the goodies I saw these candles.

I thought they were so unique and how perfect they would look in the candlesticks I had at home and decided to think about it during lunch and if I still thought it was a good idea I would buy them after lunch. Lunch came and went and I bought them, thinking I will never be able to find these again, without driving all the way to IL.

So here is one of them in the candlestick I was talking about. I have to cut off part of the bottom in order to fit it down into the opening but doesn't the candle look perfect with the candlestick? I just love the bright green color of the candle, that was something else that drew me in, I had to have them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Editor's Clipboard

My good friend is an editor and a very good one at that. She spends many hours going over documents with pen on paper and when she saw that I made a clipboard she immediately wanted one. I showed her a few options of pairs of paper and this is what she picked.

The front is a white with an aqua floral print on it. I love the tropical feeling this has, a little bit of warm summer sunshine in this cold dreary weather.

Here is the back...which might not be seen much but it needs to look good with the front. It is a faux grass cloth paper in the same colors as the front. I covered it with a clear cover so that it can be used as a dry erase board as well as a clipboard. There is also a way to hang it on the wall in case you want to use it as decoration or a dry erase board that remains on the wall.

I delivered it to her a few nights ago and I was so happy to see how excited she was to finally have it. It makes me happy to make someone else happy.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabric Organization

Last weekend was organization weekend. First I started down in the basement with my old toys that are in boxes. I went through the boxes, got rid of stuff that was no good, washed the things I am saving, and put them in Tupperware, all clean and ready for someone to play with one day. I wanted them out of boxes and into Tupperware in case we have any water come into our basement (which does happen on occasion). Sorry no pictures of that yet- still in progress.

Cleaning and organizing really gives me a trill so after I finished that I started working on my sewing room. You should have seen the before, fabric all over the shelves, the floor, bags full of all kinds all over the closet and floor with all sort of different things in them. It was hard to walk around in there and I was starting to get confused about where things were and what they were there for, it was taking longer to make or do anything.

Here is a picture of me getting things divided up, make more of a mess before you clean up is my motto.

Here is a picture of the closet, we redid the closet last year adding the shelves and a few weeks ago I picked up these bins that I put fabric and other supplies in. It makes things so much easier to find, small scraps, large washed pieces etc.

Here is a picture of the two bins that I have out by my ironing board with my templates and projects that are in the works. Now I can see what I need to do and have a great place to put them so they don't get lost in the shuffle.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #3

Today is a total Amy Butler day. I decided to buy these fabrics of Amy Butler because I love them and they were on sale. Can't beat a sale right? There were a few more that I didn't get, maybe I will go back later and pick them up. I just love them together.

What do you think? Great aren't they? My favorite one is the brown one on the very bottom, I love that pop of pink on the brown fabric.

If no one orders them for their covers or other items I might just have to use some to make a purse for myself or all of them to make a quilt or a patchwork pillow or something. I am sure something will come to me. Until then I am loving looking at them.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Updating

Just letting all of you know that I am doing some minor updating on the blog before I open it up to the rest of the world. I had to add some labels on old posts so I am sorry if they all popped up in your readers again! I don't know any other way to change them and I wanted to make things a bit easier to find around here.

Now to do a bit more price shopping and figures and get some business details sorted out and then I will be changing my blog status to "searchable on the Internet".

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #2

Today I have to show off a few polka dots. They are not as fun as the colors from last week and are not as exciting as next week but I love how simple they are. I have used polka dots in my aprons (you can see pictures here and here) and they work really well with bold patterns.

There were a few colors for me to choose from but I went with a neutral tan and white (I love how the white shines on the tan), basic black and white, and a blue on favorite colors. There was also a red on pink that was cute and a green on green but I didn't think it the pink was as serviceable and the green looked too much like Christmas.

I am not sure what I am going to use these for yet but I am sure they will make an appearance one of these days on my projects.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Purple Swirls and a Fun Favorite

Here are the two covers I made for a friend who is bringing her baby boy home (to this cute room) today!

The first cover is made from new fabric that we picked up at the fabric store. I love the combination of the dark purple and neutral swirl on the aqua background. It is subtle with a pop of purple. I love that my "model" was wearing a purple shirt and we shot this in his blue room.

She also requested another cover out of this fabric below because of all of the fabrics I have used she loves this one the best. Now that she has a baby boy I am not sure if she will use it or pass it along but I love how bright and happy it is.

Here are the two matching burp cloths that I made to go with the covers. They just make me happy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday

As part of my plan to blog more often in 2010 I thought it would be fun to post once a week new fabric(s) that I bought or a fun find from the internet. I am calling it "New Fabric/New Find Friday" so original I know.

Today I wanted to post these three fabrics that I bought a few months ago. All three of these are Amy Butler prints and I just love the designs and colors of her fabrics. The one on the very bottom is one that I have used before to make this apron for a friend. I wanted to have a yard of it in my stash for when I need it next. I also bought at the same time the top two fabrics, they are the same pattern but in different colors. I love the flower and how it not only has a bright color but has pattern to the petals. I think they would make great aprons, or covers, or a part of a quilt. Who knows what I will do with them....



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