Friday, July 5, 2013

New Fabric/New Find Friday #133

Have I shown these fabrics yet? I don't know if I have been looking at these in my bins for so long or if I have already shown some of these to you but I feel like these have already been featured on the blog. Maybe just the one on the far right? Ok, well let's just act like you have never seen these on here before. Starting on the left; the blue and green stripe fabric is a perfect compliment to patterned fabrics for aprons. The second fabric is new but it totally has a retro feeling of 70's bathroom tile. Do you see that? :) I loved the colors and I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet but there was something I was thinking of when I picked it up. The next fabric is the green and white trellis fabric. I would love to use this as a burp cloth and then embroider the baby's name over it. Wouldn't that be cute?! Finally there is the grey fabric with green, blue, white, and purple dots. I think you might have seen this before and I would love to use this for breastfeeding cover. I hope to be back soon with more posts and to show you what I have been up to the past month.
Here is a closer shot of the fabrics. I also opened my Etsy shop again just with the ready made items.



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