Friday, April 30, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #17

Here is a cute stripe just waiting to be used. It reminds me of fall. Humm maybe I will use it for some fall decorations.
I also picked up these cute flannel pieces that would be great for a blanket or two (I actually had that in mind when picking these up). Aren't they too cute?!
The duckies are actually not NEW but new to me, they are from my mother in law who truly has the largest stash of fabric I have ever seen. :) My hubby tells me every time I bring fabric home to not have as many bins of fabric as she did (I feel like I am getting close).
I just think this looks so soft and sweet for a little girl to rest her head on while burping.
I am going to try to work on these in the next few months so be on the lookout for some cute blankets. Any thoughts as to what fall thing I should make with the first fabric?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paper Projects

The second week of projects that I was forcing myself to do is over and I have a little something to share. I worked this past week on paper projects, a few notecards, journal and clipboard. I would have loved to create more but I have a few other projects in the works that I had to do some shopping for.
I have been wanting to make these notecards for a while and had to get the paper for the backing to match. This just sat around for a while so it was nice to finally check it off my list. I love the retro flower pattern, girly but with a fun modern twist.
I stayed a bit more traditional with the journal cover but I love the updated colors, robin's egg blue.
I was going to make a custom clipboard for a friend but will wait until I can figure out how to do what she needs. I wanted to do the clipboard so that I could have it ready for my next showcase. I love the way it turned out. Enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to the 9 people that commented on the giveaway post, it was nice to hear from you. I loved what you had to say and I hope that I make all of you happy with what I have coming up in the next few months.

I was so surprised at which fabrics people choose if they won. I thought for sure #1 would go over well but only one person really liked it, or could use it in their home. The third pillow (the red one) was most voted for and that shocked me as well, I was hoping it wasn't too traditional but I guess you all liked the color for your home. All I have to say is if you like that one there is more where that came from. ;)

Now to reveal the winner! I used to pick the winner and here is what it came up with.....
Comment number 4 was Jess who is our first giveaway winner!! Congrats. I hope you are still loving the second fabric because over the weekend I started sewing. I have the final product to show you, I hope it goes well with your home, share some pics with us.
It might be a bit before I do a giveaway again but there is more where that came from. :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #16

I love these small prints and I think that I am going to use these cute new fabrics for some burp cloths. Time to get sewing!!! Not only would it be cute for burp cloths but it would be good for a letter on a onesie. Cute small prints work perfect for that.
Don't you love this little owl print? I just had to get it with no idea what to do with it but burp cloths would be the best. The field will be great for a letter on the front of a onesie if I have some in the middle left over.
Just another reminder to go to this post linked and comment by midnight tonight in order to win a pillow. Be the first one to have one! :) I will be posting the winner on Monday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flower Pin Power

I have been trying to keep myself on top of making things by dedicating a week to one type of project. Doing this helps me to keep focused and pump out a lot more projects than doing them all one at a time. 

This past week I spent time making some flower pins. Four are for clients and one is a showcase example/ for me later if no one buys it. Not all of them have been given to their owners yet and I usually do not post before the owners have their item but this is one of the few times that something I am making is not a surprise.
These were all chosen by the client to go with a specific purse and the fabrics were chosen by them. I can not wait to see how they look on their purses!!

If you notice in the image above one of them is not quite finished, I needed to go find a substitute fabric, I took care of that and below is the finished product. Very cute!

Back to working on this weeks set of projects, I will have those to show you next week.
Also don't forget to comment on my last post in order to win a pillow! You have until Friday at Midnight and I will post the winner on Monday (hopefully with a pic of the pillow all finished and ready to go home).

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Celebration Giveaway

I thought it was about time to have a small giveaway on this blog and since today is my birthday I thought what better day than today to announce the giveaway! As I was thinking about this at the end of last week I looked on my blog and realized that I missed my one year blog anniversary a few weeks ago! First I was in shocked that I have already been posting stuff for a year and second that I missed it, dates like that are fun to remember and celebrate.

Ok so on to the giveaways, here are the details:

I am giving away (1) 12" x 12" pillow made out of a designer fabric that I have on hand pictured below. If you win you will get to choice one of these three fabrics for your pillow.

1) A modern floral pattern with blues, greens and creams.

2) A neutral tone on tone stripe with a small dot in a cream color that I could see going with traditional or transitional decor. 

3) A more traditional floral pattern with red and cream.

To win you must comment on this post here on my blog (comments on my fb page do not count). Please tell me in the comment: what room you would put this pillow in and what you want to see more of on my blog.

I will select a winner using to make it fair. :)  You have until midnight on Friday 4-23 to enter. I can't wait to hear more about what room you need a fun throw pillow for and to see who is going to win.

So what is coming up on the DJ blog in the second year? Great question! I have a few new things to offer all of you that I am so excited to get started on.

1) More project posts.
2) Throw pillows to use in your home (and mine). ;)
3) Adding embroidery to my projects -- will be new projects to go along with this as well.
4) The moving of my craft/sewing area including lots of organization.
5) A paypal button on the blog to make buying easier.

I am sure there will be more so keep coming around.

Also this is a great time to look at my 2010 Resolutions found here and notice that so far so good! The personal ones are not all totally fulfilled, as those are sort of an ongoing process and not really things you can check off a list. The business ones are totally fulfilled--except the post on etsy one. Still not ready to spend money posting on etsy but I am sure the day will come. Let's try paypal first.

Finally, on what is so far a great Birthday I wanted to thank all of you for stalking my blog and making my counter numbers go up. Thank you to everyone that posts comments, they make me happy. Have a great day and good luck!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #15

Welcome Friday! I can not wait for this weekend to start so that I can get some projects finished, sewing and around the house. I have been working all week on some flower pins and can not wait to show them to you after their new owners have them.

For now I just have a few fabrics that are more on the boy side but I think can go neutral in some cases.
I am a sucker for houndstooth and I love the blue and green combo making it fun and fresh. The bottom dot is a fun and modern polka dot that I think would be a great breastfeeding cover. The middle on is a bit more boy and juvenile but it would make a great blanket or burp cloth.
Stay tuned Monday, I will be announcing a giveaway for one lucky blog reader.

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 Month Cutie

I had a very successful Showcase on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and a special thank you to everyone who placed orders. Don't forget to put May 8th on your calendar for my second Saturday Showcase.

I finished this little project just in time for the show and it was sent home today with the lucky lady that will be wearing it soon.
She wanted a three month onesie for her pictures coming up this week. This was a great chance for me to use my screen printing machine. I love the way it turned out.
The pink ink even has a bit of shimmer in it so it give it some dimension rather than just being a flat pink. I hope baby L loves it! Once I get pictures from the mama I will post a little "after" post.

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #14

I am just loving this weather! Spring is my favorite season and these Friday Fabrics say spring to me. Not only do they say spring but they feel a little vintage to me can't you see the bottom one being a sheet and then the top one being a matching pillowcase?
I love the dotted flowers that are on the top fabric, adds some dimension to the fabric. The bottom fabric would make a cute apron or little girl skirt. They would be great together for a quilt too.
I hope the weather stays nice this weekend so that I can enjoy some time outside after sewing inside all week. Hope to see some of you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue and Brown For a Baby Boy

This is my first project done for someone who is not a friend...makes me excited! She asked to make a onesie and burp cloth for a special little boy who was born at 21 weeks and was just recently allowed to go home. Hurray that he is healthy and going home. My heart goes out to parents of preemies but what a blessing that they survive.
Anyway, I loved how cute this E turned out with the stripes. I really like the way the font makes the E look, bold but not too straight.
Made with matching burp cloth in the same pattern.
Here they are all ready to go to their new home. I hope baby E continues to grow big and strong. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Business Materials All Ready!

My first showcase is this Saturday--only 4 days away! I am very excited about it and busy making some last minute things to have on hand. I love working under a deadline but it also makes me crazy.

I got all of my business materials in the mail a few weeks ago and I have them all packed up and ready to go for Saturday. Just have to go out and buy a few more little things. I hope I can have everything ready for Saturday, if not I will just try again May 8th!
It just makes me so happy to see them together in the box! :)

If you have not RSVP'ed please do so here. If you can't make it this time, maybe you can make it May 8th, mark your calendars!

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #13

While preparing for this post I was going through my pictures and found these fabrics that I have had hidden in my file for a little while. So maybe these fabrics aren't as new as some of the others that I have shown you but hey I need to get these out there.  
I have already used the middle fabric for someone, you can see it here. I have another project coming up using the top fabric, be on the the lookout for that in the future. I am still working on it so it will probably later this month.
The bottom striped fabric with those little circles I think is so cute, not sure yet what I would use it for but maybe a cute onesie, blanket or burp cloth? I am sure no one would want to wear that as a nursing cover...but maybe I am wrong.
Finally, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Easter, I am off to enjoy the Good Friday services.



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