Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Resolutions for the New Year!

I think 2010 is going to be a big year and if not I am going to try to make it that way!

I hate to make resolutions for the new year because I feel like I might never actually achieve them! I DO love to make lists and so maybe I will look at these new resolutions as just a list instead of a resolution.

Ok so onto the list of resolutions:

Non-blog centered:
  • Spend more time at home working on home projects (and cooking and cleaning)
  • Spend more time with family, especially our parents
  • Try to save some money for basement project
  • Have a baby (still a work in progress)
Blog/business centered:
  • Try to post more often
  • Finally go public with the blog
  • Spend more time making projects
  • Post prices with new items to sell
  • Make sure my business is set up and launch it!
  • Possibly start an etsy site...not sure about this yet.

Much love to all of you and see you next year. Cheers to 2010!

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