Friday, November 20, 2009

Green and Purple Polka Dots

I just made this cute breastfeeding cover for a friend of mine to give to her best friend who is having a baby. This cover is made from a new fabric that I have not used before. I love polka dots and this is a fresh take on it being green with dark purple dots. Purple is the hot color this year.

Coming up: Another fabric that is for this same friend, but this time for herself not to give away, made out of another new but matching fabric. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A First Time for Everything

A good friend's first baby is one today! Her first birthday party was last weekend and I helped put together this cute onesie for the occasion.

Isn't it cute?! Her mom ironed on the 1 that was cut out of some fabric that I had left over from work, doesn't it say party? For her name, Gianna, I pulled out my Yudu for the first time and that was exciting and quite an experience. I have learned a lot about how long it takes and now have more confidence to do more.
I think the name screen printed really makes the shirt. I will edit this post soon with a cute picture from the party with the shirt in action. :)

Floral Cover

Here is another cover that I made for a friend of mine. Her shower was last weekend and I was unable to attend but I hope that she liked this cover!

I thought this fabric was fun, purple without being over the top and a floral without being too loud. I think it would be pretty to "wear" while feeding.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Need Your Trash To Make My Treasure

To all my loyal blog readers (I don't even think I have loyal blog readers...oh well) I need your help!

I am in the middle of making two different projects from what you would call "trash" and I need your help because I am running out of important elements that are part of the projects.

1) I need old light bulbs that you might be throwing away after they burn out! I do not need compact fluorescent for this project unless they have that cover over them making them look like traditional light bulbs, but I will take them anyway to try another project. Any size light bulb will work, chandelier, small round, long pointy, yellow bug lights, or even large flood light bulbs. Anything will work. Thank you!

2) If you have magazines that you are looking to get rid of I would love to go through them before and recycle them for you. I have a few projects I am working on with magazines so they always come in handy.

I will blog about what I am doing with them as soon as I have something finished. If you have something to donate to me please email me. Thank you!

Vintage Owls for a Baby Boy

Here are a few things I just made for one of my best friends and her baby. She is having a baby boy and requested this cute blue fabric for her breastfeeding cover. Good for a boy but also neutral enough for the next baby.

She has a love for owls that another friend clued me on when I found this fabric, so I had to find a way to use it. This is the first time making a Boppy cover and it wasn't too bad but it does not fit as tight as I thought it would. Oh well look how cute it is!

Finally I made a burp cloth out of the same fabric, it is a vintage flannel (circa 1970's from my mother-in-law's fabric stash). It is so soft, perfect for a cute baby boy to head his rest on.

I also made one of these for another friend, who's cover I blogged about here, who loves owls but I could not post about it then because I did not want to spoil the shower surprise.



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