Monday, November 2, 2009

I Need Your Trash To Make My Treasure

To all my loyal blog readers (I don't even think I have loyal blog readers...oh well) I need your help!

I am in the middle of making two different projects from what you would call "trash" and I need your help because I am running out of important elements that are part of the projects.

1) I need old light bulbs that you might be throwing away after they burn out! I do not need compact fluorescent for this project unless they have that cover over them making them look like traditional light bulbs, but I will take them anyway to try another project. Any size light bulb will work, chandelier, small round, long pointy, yellow bug lights, or even large flood light bulbs. Anything will work. Thank you!

2) If you have magazines that you are looking to get rid of I would love to go through them before and recycle them for you. I have a few projects I am working on with magazines so they always come in handy.

I will blog about what I am doing with them as soon as I have something finished. If you have something to donate to me please email me. Thank you!

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