Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flower Pin Power

I have been trying to keep myself on top of making things by dedicating a week to one type of project. Doing this helps me to keep focused and pump out a lot more projects than doing them all one at a time. 

This past week I spent time making some flower pins. Four are for clients and one is a showcase example/ for me later if no one buys it. Not all of them have been given to their owners yet and I usually do not post before the owners have their item but this is one of the few times that something I am making is not a surprise.
These were all chosen by the client to go with a specific purse and the fabrics were chosen by them. I can not wait to see how they look on their purses!!

If you notice in the image above one of them is not quite finished, I needed to go find a substitute fabric, I took care of that and below is the finished product. Very cute!

Back to working on this weeks set of projects, I will have those to show you next week.
Also don't forget to comment on my last post in order to win a pillow! You have until Friday at Midnight and I will post the winner on Monday (hopefully with a pic of the pillow all finished and ready to go home).

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sunshineamerica said...

Those are really cute; I am so impressed with your wealth of creativity and choices of complementing fabrics. I hope your business really blooms! (yeah - bad pun intended.)

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