Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Celebration Giveaway

I thought it was about time to have a small giveaway on this blog and since today is my birthday I thought what better day than today to announce the giveaway! As I was thinking about this at the end of last week I looked on my blog and realized that I missed my one year blog anniversary a few weeks ago! First I was in shocked that I have already been posting stuff for a year and second that I missed it, dates like that are fun to remember and celebrate.

Ok so on to the giveaways, here are the details:

I am giving away (1) 12" x 12" pillow made out of a designer fabric that I have on hand pictured below. If you win you will get to choice one of these three fabrics for your pillow.

1) A modern floral pattern with blues, greens and creams.

2) A neutral tone on tone stripe with a small dot in a cream color that I could see going with traditional or transitional decor. 

3) A more traditional floral pattern with red and cream.

To win you must comment on this post here on my blog (comments on my fb page do not count). Please tell me in the comment: what room you would put this pillow in and what you want to see more of on my blog.

I will select a winner using to make it fair. :)  You have until midnight on Friday 4-23 to enter. I can't wait to hear more about what room you need a fun throw pillow for and to see who is going to win.

So what is coming up on the DJ blog in the second year? Great question! I have a few new things to offer all of you that I am so excited to get started on.

1) More project posts.
2) Throw pillows to use in your home (and mine). ;)
3) Adding embroidery to my projects -- will be new projects to go along with this as well.
4) The moving of my craft/sewing area including lots of organization.
5) A paypal button on the blog to make buying easier.

I am sure there will be more so keep coming around.

Also this is a great time to look at my 2010 Resolutions found here and notice that so far so good! The personal ones are not all totally fulfilled, as those are sort of an ongoing process and not really things you can check off a list. The business ones are totally fulfilled--except the post on etsy one. Still not ready to spend money posting on etsy but I am sure the day will come. Let's try paypal first.

Finally, on what is so far a great Birthday I wanted to thank all of you for stalking my blog and making my counter numbers go up. Thank you to everyone that posts comments, they make me happy. Have a great day and good luck!


Amy B. said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Julia! I'm glad the blog and business resolutions are being met! :D

I guess I'll go ahead and enter the giveaway! I like pattern #3 a whole lot, and I would use it in our living room, because I have been thinking of switching the pillows in there anyway.

Jen said...

Feliz Cumpleanos! I like number three - it would totally complement my rocker and there can never be enough pillows on my futon.
Even if I don't win I'm going to ask you to make me a pillow though, I found some random fabric and would much prefer to support you and have some girl time than try to sew it myself.

Designer Jules said...

I hope I made it easier to post a comment. Now you do not have to have a blogger account to comment. :)

Christina said...

Happy Birthday!

I like #2 and #3. I think either one would look great in my family room with neutral walls and red accents!

I really like seeing your creative crafts and projects on your blog, so I would say just keep giving us more more more!

Jess said...

Hey Julia! Happy Birthday a day late! Hope you had a great one. I also like 2 and 3 and although 3 would go with my colors in my family room, I think I will be brave and vote for 2 and I would use it as an inspiration piece for the new duvet cover I have been wanting for our bedroom! :)
As far as what I like on your blog, can I say everything? :) If I had to pick, I would vote for the baby stuff (burps clothes and baby leggs in particular) since they are the only things I get to spend money on at this stage in my life!

Heather Stein said...

Happy b-day! I love #3, and #2 is very nice too...I would put the pillow in my bedroom, because our walls and sheets are all white and could use some color (that's why I like the red one!)...we really need to paint :)


Heather Stein said...

Oops—I forgot to say what I'd like to see more of. I love everything, but I especially love all the baby stuff! I love slings, so I'd love to see some of those.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! The second pillow would accent our walls wonderfully, I love updating with new pillows. I would be able to market you, your blog, and your great work when people see the pillow.


Marji said...

Designer Jules! I love your blog. Pillows 1) the first fabric would go in our living room on the light blue couch and help tie it in with the dark brown chair, tie it in with some of my mom's wave paintings and the gardeny-patio that it connects to. We need new pillows to spice up that room :)
I love seeing what your making!! I love your wallpaper stationary and clipboards. How about wallpaper file folders and desk-top organization? I love all the baby paraphernalia too. these lucky kids will look So Cute in their designer duds!! Other favs: your lightbulb ornaments! I'm also horribly curious about what you're going to do with those magazines. I think you should etch more things and post them-- maybe mirrors and glasses with floral or owl patterns that you like? :) Whatever you do, it's great. Keep up the good work!!

sunshineamerica said...

I am so impressed with the variety of things you have conjured up; I am always trying to think of ways to use fabric that I love, and you have come up with so many useful ones!

If I had a pillow in #2 or #3, I would place it at my back on my wooden desk chair in my bedroom / office. I spend several hours a day working here from home, and it would help for comfort and decor in this room, where we have recently been blessed with a new duvet and rug that have neutral and reddish tones, among other lovely colors.

I still want to come by sometime and see your things in person and powwow about more ideas, especially with the fabrics I am using for the mama bags and purses that I have been selling.

Way to go! Very excited about your venture!

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