Friday, January 29, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #4

Are you ready for a New Find Friday? I finally have something that isn't fabric that I am excited to show off. Last weekend I ventured out to Illinois with some girlfriends to have lunch at a cute tea room. Not only did they have amazing food but they also had a huge gift shop. We walked around while waiting to be seated and among all of the goodies I saw these candles.

I thought they were so unique and how perfect they would look in the candlesticks I had at home and decided to think about it during lunch and if I still thought it was a good idea I would buy them after lunch. Lunch came and went and I bought them, thinking I will never be able to find these again, without driving all the way to IL.

So here is one of them in the candlestick I was talking about. I have to cut off part of the bottom in order to fit it down into the opening but doesn't the candle look perfect with the candlestick? I just love the bright green color of the candle, that was something else that drew me in, I had to have them.

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