Monday, February 1, 2010

Dots and Stripes

I have been wanting to made some cute little onesies with initials on it for a while and finally I have the time and energy to do it. These are for two little boys that were born in the past month to good friends of mine. I am excited to see photos of these little ones in their outfits. (Hint hint to the Moms)
I know it looks like they are one set of twins how I made them look almost exactly alike but it was much easier to make them in "bulk" than to be too creative with them. I just love how they look together the leggings and onesies.
To give them each a bit of their own time on this post, I took a picture of them separately. Above is the shirt and baby leggings for baby "M". I think these polka dots are too cute, a little green, blue and black. The leggings are 11" long and probably too long for these newborns but the legs can be scrunched or folded inside itself to make them half the size.
Now it is time for baby "J"'s to shine. These baby leggings are stripped and again have green and blue in them and I love how they look with the onesie. The M and J are made from a small piece of fabric that I had left over, a very soft green fabric that has the look of corduroy, which reminds me of little boys overalls.
Here they are all ready to go to their new homes and on some cute baby boys.

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