Friday, February 19, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #7

I am really loving both pink and brown and blue and brown color combinations.  They might be trendy and be out of style soon but I just love how they look together. When at the fabric store the other day I saw these fabrics in a cut bin and decided that they had to come home with me, if nothing else so that they could be part of my new Fabric friday post. So here they are!

I even like the way the larger polka dot fabric looks with the smaller one and the stripe brings in that brighter aqua which is fun. I think these could make cute aprons, or burp cloth fabrics for a baby boy. Even could be great as a letter on a onesie.

I have a few projects that I can not wait to show you but I have to wait until they are seen by the people I made them for. Stay tuned they will be coming next week.

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