Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #8

This week's new find Friday is a bit different than the past posts. This week I needed to find a specific fabric for a project that I had in mind for a family member, usually I try to use something I already have on hand. This time I did have one piece of fabric but I needed a coordinating. So off I went to the fabric store and I ended up buying more fabric than I needed, as always, oh well always good to have options right!?

So here are the three fabrics, the top chenille is a fabric that I had from another project but did not have anything already that would go with it. I ended up picking up these two fabrics seen below the sold colored fabric to coordinate.

I forgot to bring with me my original fabric so I had to go by my memory of the color to pick out what would coordinate. First I found one fabric from my favorite designer Amy Butler, it is the one at the bottom with the octagons in pink, yellow, and orangie brown. The I saw the brown background heart fabric, and I just thought it was so sweet that I had to get it. I figured if it did not go with the neutral fabric then I would find something else to do with it.

When I got home I was excited to see which one would look the best and the winner is.....the brown fabric with hearts!

This present is on its way to a family member so as soon as she gets it I will post more about what I did with these fabrics.

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