Monday, March 1, 2010

Black and White Doted Circles

Here is the reveal of the black and white fabric seen back in this Friday post. A friend of mine is having baby #2 and they are waiting to find out what they are having so she was looking for something to go with her black and green diaper bag that was gender neutral. I was looking high and low for black with mint green circles but found nothing! I finally asked her if she would be okay with black and white and this is what she picked.
I decided since I featured this fabric with red fabric in the last post that it would be fun to take a picture of it in my "red room". I have this "lady lamp" that I just realized is perfect for displaying my covers when they are finished. ;) Almost as good as having a dress form but cheaper because I already own it!

I made her a burp cloth to match the cover, you have to have matching accessories right?! I hope you enjoy C and I bet baby W will love to look at this cover for hours, oh the contrast and movement!

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