Friday, March 12, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #10

How did this week go by so quickly? I am enjoying the sun and warmth and I am ready for spring, which is my favorite season. This week's new fabric/find Friday is going to be a little bit different, I didn't get any new fabric so it's time for a new find.

Last year I guess I was so busy, or lazy, that I used the same black purse all year long. I really like it but it is finally falling apart! All of the fake leather is just coming off in big black pieces, ick! I have been wanting to make my own purse after reading about Amy's purse making adventure but I have yet to do it so instead I have been on a purse hunt for about a month and finally found one that I like, and it comes with its own umbrella, bonus!!
I saw on one of the blogs I like to read that she put a fabric pin on her purse and I thought what a great idea! So off I was to make a fabric flower and I had nothing but a picture to go by but I think it turned out pretty cute. I used some scraps of my favorite fabrics and some little scraps I had from work to create this cute little flower, which is proudly displayed on my purse. It makes me happy to look at, and makes me think SPRING!

After looking at it for a few days I think that I should change the button to something solid and I love it for a purse but it would be better on a more causal fabric purse, I am not loving it on my purse anymore. What do you think? I think this pin would be great on a sweater or jacket also, where would you use it?


Amy B. said...

I love the pin, but I think you are right that it doesn't go all that well with the purse. I can't picture what would be better - maybe something richer like a shamrock green or egg yolk yellow?

I think the pin would look great on a different purse - or it could dress up a canvas tote bag. It would also look nice with a solid tee, or on a belt/sash around the waist of a solid dress. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the pin! I agree that it would look much better on a more casual purse. I think a bright cheery scarf would look wonderful on that tan bag! And where did you find that? Too cute!

Designer Jules said...

I found the purse at Marshall's but they have the same brand at TJ Maxx. I think a scarf would be sooo cute. I hope to buy one later this month to go with it.

I will have to make a solid casual purse and try sticking it on that. I am also going to make a more solid pin for a friend of mine later, so you will have to check that one out to see what you think.

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