Friday, March 26, 2010

New Fabric/New Find Friday #12

Again another week gone by way too quickly. The good news is that my "third job" will be ending tomorrow and so I should have more time to work on my "second job", sewing and this blog! I hope to be back in full force with about 5 projects I need to work on next week.

Until then here are some great fabrics I picked up at the store.
I am really loving the second one that looks so similar to an Amy Butler print but instead of the design being a flower it is squares. I like the flower print with the stripe running through it on the bottom fabric, so happy. The one on the top is fun and playful, not sure what I would use it for yet but I like that it has some blue and green in with the pinks. 
I have a blue post coming up if you are sick of the pinks. Just love the springy colors...

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