Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Custom First Birthday Present

A friend of mine who is a graphic designer and has lots of creative graphic deisgner friends sent this really awesome invite to her daughter's first birthday party. I was so in love with it and wanted to make her something special but I wasn't sure what to do.

After thinking of everything that I make I finally settled on making her a custom onesie with the picture from the invite on it. This required some help from mom to send me the picture, I had to make it sound urgent with out her asking too many questions. After I got the picture I printed it on fabric and then put it on the onesie with a cute zig zag stitch.

Looks a lot like the picture huh?
Here is a close up view of the image on fabric. Isn't it so cute?! The flash sort of bleached it out but I love the way it looks.
Then after making the onesie I decided I needed to add something to it so I made a pair of neutral baby leggings to go with it.
I had to convince my friend that I was making something awesome and that she needed to get it from me before the party. She did and it was worn as her backup outfit after the cake landed all over outfit #1. I hope it becomes a keep-sake for years to come.

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