Thursday, March 4, 2010

A number 2

I am back with part two of my A projects. A friend of mine (who I have linked in my blog list--Finding The Beauty In The Mess) ordered this for a little someone she knows who's name also starts with "A". She choose this fabric and I love the way it turned out with the hot pink thread. A little pop of color around the letter setting it off against the white onesie.
She also ordered a matching burp cloth out of the same fabric. The more that I make things out of this fabric the more I like it. I love all of the bright colors, the little butterflies and how fun and girly it is. I used a different font on this A, I choose the font on the previous post and let this client pick. I love how they both turned out, not the standard A you see everyday, both have a bit of style and are playful and fun without being too baby or cartoon like.
Here it is all ready to go to its new home. When I delivered it to my friend she was happy to see the finished product. Being able to deliver the item and see their reaction to it in person is the best motivation for me to want to make more.
To see the first A project go to yesterday's post. Which one do you like better?

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