Friday, April 1, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #63

This Friday find is something more personal then business oriented but I thought this was a cool idea. I got these Oxo ice cube trays with lids to use to freeze various items, breast milk, baby food, and even speciality ice cubes. Who doesn't like orange juice ice cubes in their sprite, mmmm.
The great thing about these is that they hold small quantities that you can freeze and then thaw to become individual baby serving sizes. The cubes will not get freezer burn because the lid slides over the tray and clicks closed. You can stack them much easier than ice cube trays with no lids. Since the lid slides instead of popping on and off so you can easily remove a few cubes at a time and the rest stay in place instead of ending up all over the floor, which is where mine used to end up.

I think these are really cool and can not wait to start using them.


jmlo said...

here did you get them from? I am in need of trays - the icemaker in the fridge here at the apartment is pretty dorked up, and i dont trust the ice that comes from it.

and while i dont maybe need the lid, it seems handy just from the stacking angle. plus, if i'm going to stick to my morning smoothie routine, cubes of juice or something might be fun.

Designer Jules said...

We bought them from a local hardware store but you can get them on amazon or maybe bed bath and beyond. I didn't try there yet.

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