Friday, April 8, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #64

A friend of mine recently told me about these stylish hospital gowns. I had no idea these existed and would have been great to wear if they fit better than the standard issue hospital gown. She was showing me these and wondered if they could be something I could make for less. I think it would be close depending on the persons size. I don't think I will be taking these on but wanted to know what you thought.

For fun take this poll and tell me what you think.

Would you buy and wear a designer hospital gown?

YES! How great to be comfortable and stylish after giving birth
NO! That is a crazy waste of money.
Maybe, depending on the price.
Maybe, if I can make it custom, picking my own fabrics.
I wear my own clothes in the hospital.

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Amy B said...

Not sure if the poll worked properly - but I would depending on the price!

V said...

I don't think it's working for me either! But I would wear it for sure... I really like the idea.

Craig & Charlotte said...

I think these would be great for a long term illness - like a cancer patient - but as I recall delivering a baby was a tad messy and I don't think I would've wanted to have to take anything home to clean I had been wearing!! ;)

Christina said...

I can't believe how expensive they are! Would be fun....if the price was right. :o)

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