Monday, May 2, 2011

Adjustable Apron

Wow sorry that it has been so long since I have written. Time at the sewing machine has been few and far between and time with two hands at a computer has been even harder! I am working on lots of things in life and in my head so don't worry there is more where this came from!

This was a request a long time in the making. I was asked to do this apron by a friend of mine back in early January and just now finished it in April. Mom asked for an apron for the little one that would be adjustable so she could wear it now and as she grows. What a great idea! So after some thought I decided that some snap tape would be the best way for it to be adjustable in length. The tie at the top is a ribbon that can be tied at any length so that is adjustable as well. The ribbon at the bottom has cherries on it and I love how ruffled it is. I used my new favorite ruffle foot for my sewing machine. Watch out there might be more ruffles where that came from. I embroidered her name (as you can see) and when I was almost finished we both decided that she needed a pocket for color and to put her hands in. This girl loves pockets and often times I see her with her cute little hands in the pockets on her skirts and dresses. PERFECT!
It was an evolving piece and I think everyone loves the way it turned out. Especially Regina! Look how cute she is with her carrot.

Here is another shot of the apron.
Hope you are sticking with me and I will be back soon with more!

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