Monday, May 9, 2011

Neutral Breastfeeding Cover

Do you remember this fabric from a few months ago? It was a Friday Fabric, one of the few neutral fabrics that I have and boy did it come in handy. A friend ordered this cover for a female friend of hers who just had a baby and was a bit nervous about breastfeeding in public. She had seen me wearing mine in Church and asked to buy one for a friend. What a great gift for a new Mom, I love mine and use it everyday at work.
She wanted me to make a neutral cover and one that was subtle so that it would not draw attention to the fact that the mother was feeding her baby. I tend to like a lot of bright patterned fabrics and thought this was the most subtle of the ones I had on hand.

I made and sent this off to the new mom thinking that I would never meet her and then I was pleasantly surprised to meet her after Church last Sunday. She said that she liked her cover and that she would be spreading the word. I love to hear from happy clients!

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