Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I think I have finally come to realize my limitations as a human being and that I can not do everything, no matter how hard I try. I try to be the best wife, the best mom, the best manager at work, the best friend, and make the best items for you! I have tried to do it after baby and I am doing okay but I am for sure not the best, nor will I ever be. I need to simplify my life a bit and instead of giving up anything I just need to know my limitations. So for the time being I am going to refocus my business. This is better for me, my family and you!

What does this mean? I am going to focus on making only a few items, aprons, breastfeeding covers, burp cloths, and designer pillows. I am going to make a bunch of these items and have them ready to buy on Etsy so that there is always something you can purchase from me without waiting for me to get around to making it. I am still going to do some custom items because I love the thrill of making something different and fun but please note that they might not be made as fast as they were made in the past. The onesies are one thing that I will for sure make custom because I just love them, they do not take as long as other custom items.
I think this is just the best thing for me to do right now until the babe is a bit more independent and can play longer by himself and my sewing area is finally moved to the basement. On the positive side for you is that I will have more blog posts than I have been having over the past few months because I will show you all of my items as they are finished and put on Etsy plus other random fun.

What do you guys think about this?

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Jess said...

I think it's a wonderful idea Julia. Us moms try to be all things to everyone but it does no good unless we are doing things well and for the right purpose. You will find the right balance and get into your own groove, it just takes time.

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