Friday, May 20, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #67

I am trying really hard to not go out and buy fabric that I do not need since I have a TON. Instead of buying new I need to start making things with the stuff that I already have but, when I step into a fabric store I just have to get something. I did go a few weeks ago and left with nothing but this last trip did not go as well.
I needed to go pick up some green and white gingham fabric and when I did that I saw this green and brown stripe fabric. I have this fabric in the blue and brown colorway and I really liked this green and brown combo, it seems so fresh and spring like and hey it goes with the gingham. The blue and brown seems a bit more vibrant and almost electric blue where as this green is not as shocking and maybe that is why I like it.

Maybe I will make a little apron out of these two fabrics! Check back to see what I do with this green and white gingham.

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