Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen Menu

A friend of mine asked me a few weeks ago to make her some letters for a project she was working on that she saw HERE. She was going to be in town so I had to work on it fast to get it to her while she was here. I printed them two different ways, once backwards, in case she wanted to put it on the back of the glass and another set so she could put it on the front of the glass. I realized after I  made them backwards that the letters would not look good on the back of the glass but gave those to her anyway. Here they are ready to go home.
She emailed me a picture of the item and we talked about what kind of font she wanted to use, script or regular. She didn't care and I picked out this font, which I think is so cute. I have no idea what it is called now but I like how some of the letters are capital like the d instead of lowercase. It adds some character.
Look here is a picture of her using it already, with her recipes written on it! Her family is going to be glad to know what they are eating and it will make her shopping easier with the meals all planned out a head of time.


V said...

Looks great!!

Jess said...

Still been using my menu planner- LOVE IT! Thanks Julia!

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