Monday, September 19, 2011

L Is For...

Lincoln! This cute oneise is for a baby due next month. A classmate of mine from collage saw one of my previous onesies on facebook and asked if I would make one for her to give as a gift- of course! I used the argyle fabric that she requested and embroidered the name on top of the appliqued letter.
Nothing you haven't seen me do before but I had to show it off on the blog. Every baby item is different just as every baby is different. This little boy will be cute in his little onesie and can you imagine a little sweater over this onesie to keep baby warm during those chilly October days? CUTE.
I am off to get my "to do" sewing items together. It is so helpful to have everything organized and ready to go when I have time to sit down and cut, sew, or iron. Everything takes me longer to do these days and it is so helpful if I have everything together. Sadly some of those projects might sit in the "to cut" box for a long longer than I would like. Paying customers come first and my fun items take a back seat to money! (Even if sometimes that money just goes to feed my fabric addiction).

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