Friday, September 30, 2011

New Fabric/New Find Friday #85

Sometimes when I go to the fabric store I pick up fabric that I think is so cute; then I get home and think what am I going to do with this?! Well these two fabrics are the product of such trip. I saw these two fabrics and thought oh these would be great for kids stuff. When I got them home I was not as excited about them.
The top fabric is the cutest ballerina fabric! It would be really cute as an applique on a ballet bag for a little girl or even on a shirt for a little ballerina. I remember when I was little I LIVED in a red leotard and black leggings and patent leather shoes and I thought I was the best dancer ever (yeah I only took one class). ;)
The bottom fabric is a flannel fabric with baby bears on it, it is really soft. It is not my favorite flannel but I am sure someone will love it. I am sure it would but a cute taggie blanket or soft on a burp cloth.
I am so glad that it is Friday! Is anyone else just excited to get on with the weekend? I have some fun plans this weekend and tomorrow is going to be a busy but fun day, with what should be great weather. What are you doing this weekend.

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