Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perfect For A Girl

As I was saying in this blog post I made a cover for a friend that was really not what it should have been. She had her sweet baby girl last week and I finished this cover just in time to give it to her. She ended up using it in the hospital and I was so glad to hear that!
I think this fabric is perfect for her, colorful but not too over the top. It actually reminds me of an afghan or handmade quilt and I know that she loves things like that so that is why I choose it. I get to visit with her and the baby tomorrow and I am sure I will get to see this cover in action. ;)

Like I said before the other cover is on my etsy site ready to be purchased. I also have custom cover listing in case you want to order a cover, I would be happy to pick a fabric that is perfect for you.

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