Monday, September 5, 2011

Shirts With A Second Life

Happy Labor Day!!!

This is going to be a quick post with even fewer words than normal and some fun before and after pictures. I think you will understand them with out a million explanations.

I had two polo shirts that I really liked and they both had grease stains on them that I could not get rid of. I tried everything but before getting rid of them I decided to see if I could do something to hide the stains.
This first one the stain is below the polo emblem and I decided to monogram my initials on it to hide the stain, since it was right below the logo I thought that might help it make sense. I thought since it was close to the logo doing some screen printing might be too much.
I think it turned out pretty good! You can still sort of see the stain but when wearing it you don't even notice.
This shirt the stain was too large to just do a monogram so I decided to try screen printing this one.
Here it is all finished and I have even worn it a few times. I love the way it turned out and actually can not wait to take more old tired plain shirts and embellish them with ink!

Have a great and safe holiday!


Wendy C said...

Julia, how do you screen print at home? I would love to learn how to do this, but it seems like it would be hard.
Thanks for your help.
Wendy C.

Designer Jules said...

I actually have a screen printing machine called the YUDU. I learned how to screen print in college and this machine makes it much ealiser. You just follow the machine's directions and you can easly screen print at home!

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