Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Lovies

Back when I was making a ton of silky burp cloths I had some extra fabric left over that decided to make into small blankets or lovies as I have heard them called. These are about 24" x 28" and are the perfect size for a little one to cuddle with while sleeping or sucking their thumb.
Bee used to love his burp cloths that I would put in the car seat as we were driving (for spit-up accidents), he would chew and suck on them to go to sleep. I see these being very similar in use, something to help the little ones feel cozy and go to sleep. Soft and silky on one side and warm and cuddly on the other and totally machine washable.
I love the two fabrics together, the textures are almost like total opposites but the colors together are great. The brown is perfect to ground the leopard print. I hope to feature these on etsy as soon as I am feeling better and can add some different personalization options that I have in mind.
This blanket is again a scrap piece from another blanket I made. This is not quite large enough to call a blanket but is perfect for a lovie. Something cozy and cute for baby to cuddle and hold. The fabric on top is a cotton print with abc's and baby items on it. I think it is neutral enough for both boys and girls but it looks like it has a few more "boy items" on the print, helicopters and dinosaurs.
The fabric on the back is a really soft material that I have used on several blankets before. It is as soft as the minky fabric but a different texture. Again a very nice neutral color that would be great as a shower gift for a family that has not revealed baby's gender. This will also be featured on etsy in a few weeks. Be on the look out, I hope to add several new products in the coming weeks.

Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather, there is something about this dark, rainy morning that makes me really prepare for fall. Can it be here already? I am still in love with summer.

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