Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy Stripe Apron

My mother-in-law loves to support all of her children and step children, so every once in a while she will order something from me. This is the second apron that she has ordered and I always love making something for her. I don't know if you remember but I have told you before that she is a woman after my own heart having BINS AND BINS of fabric in her sewing area.
She wanted me to make an apron for a woman that she sponsors in South America. They have the same birth month and so she likes to send her a little something to celebrate her birthday. She gave me a picture of her and told me to pick fabric that I thought would look nice on her. In the picture she was wearing a teal dress and her skin was a beautiful deep tan color. I thought that this brown and blue strip apron would be something that she would like to wear and would look nice on her. It sounds like she wears an apron all day long while she is doing her chores.
Here is my sister-in-law modeling the apron for me before I gave it to my mother-in-law. This time instead of using two different fabrics I wanted to try using the same but changing the orientation of the pattern to give the contrast. I hope that her friend enjoys it. How fun to have someone like that from far away sending you items once a year. It is like having a long distance pen pal something that I always loved to have as a child.

I will be sewing a few more aprons this week, I hope to make one a night so be on the look out next month for new aprons.

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