Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

My cousin needed my help with a Halloween costume for her daughter and I owe her so I was happy to help her out. Her kids wanted to be the Super Mario brothers and wanted the "baby" to be Toad. She had the hat under control but the vest she needed some help with so I asked for a shirt that would fit the baby and then made the vest out of felt and ribbon.
This is a picture that she emailed me of a Toad costume and from this I knew that I could help her. I think she said she was going to make the hat out of a shower cap and red felt.
And here is what I came up with.
Originally I was going to sew the felt vest to the shirt that she sent me but it ended up being easy to make with out sewing it to the shirt and I thought she might like to use the shirt again or use the vest with another shirt.

You have seen an onesie just like this here but this one was an order from etsy that I mailed to another state. I think that it shipped just in time for the party that this baby was going to with its parents. This one you might notice looks a bit more yellow in the design and that is because I waited for the white to dry before I put the glow in the dark ink over the white. So it should glow a bit more than my try #1.

Well here you have what I was working on for Halloween! Happy Halloween

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