Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Basment Part II

I think it is about time to show you Part II of the Basement saga! I posted part one with the before picture here and it is coming along! Now not only do we have the walls up but we also have the ceiling grid up and tiles in place!! Whoot Whoot!
Here is a view of the right side of the basement. You can see how the walls looked before we put the panels up. We also fixed that window leak, can you see all of that grey haze running from the corner of the window to the ground? That would be where the water leaked, not anymore! Well we hope.

This is the left side of the basement. The house was built a while ago so the space from the floor to the ceiling is not that tall, to pass code we needed at least 6' of clearance so we were not sure about a traditional drop ceiling. The ceiling tiles would have been pretty close to the joists which would make it hard to push a tile up and out. We talked about a million options and finally compromised and decided to do a ceiling grid that attaches to the joists and the tiles clip into the grid. I said that I wanted flat tiles with no ripples etc so they look the most like drywall, which is what I would have preferred on the walls and ceiling.

Here is that same view again of the right side with everything in. We still need to paint the columns and soffit around the duct work but one step at a time. :) Is it starting to look like an office?!
This is the left side again, along with wanting flat ceiling tiles I also wanted can lights, not fluorescent tubes. We were going to do incandescent bulbs in the cans but they were so hot we decided to change to fluorescent. I just do not like the color that fluorescent lights put out and I also hate that they take so long to "warm up."

Anyway that is part II. Part III will be the fourth wall that divides that finished side from the unfinished side, the stairs and maybe even some paint?! We will see.

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