Monday, November 21, 2011

Holy Family?

Ok not really. I just thought it was too cute that I made two bibs for a Mary and a Joseph, just in time for Christmas. I really am starting to love these personalized bibs and they make me so happy each time that I make one. I really hope they catch on for new babies.
One of my friends had baby #2 named Joseph. I was already working with this fabric and thought it would be great for a girl or boy so I decided to use it. I also saw that a friend "my muse" used a lower case j and I wanted to give that a try. I like how it turned out but maybe I should have used the lower case j in the name as well.
Baby Mary is the sweetest thing and I have gotten to spend several visits with her and she is such a cutie. I used again this fabric and instead of pulling out the red or orange I decided to pull out the sweet ice blue that is in the fabric. I really wish it was a bit bolder of a combination but I think it is okay and I also wonder if the name was in script font if that would have looked better. There is always next time.
I had a great weekend with a lot of exciting things coming down the pike that I can not wait to tell you about and LOTS of work done on the basement. I am so excited to be near the finish line with that.

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