Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Basement Part III

You have seen parts I, II, and the design boards and layout and I just realized you should have seen part III before the design boards. I hope seeing these might give you more of an idea of how the space is coming together but maybe you just need to wait until the end to figure it out.
Here is an image from the far right corner of the basement looking towards the stairs. The double door are leading to the unfinished basement which will be a storage area with lots of shelves and bins with out of season clothes and other such items. I love to organize so I can not wait to get my hands on this area and show you the final result. The door to the left of those double doors leads to the furnace. We decided to put a door there so that we can access the ac/furnace unit until it dies. It is old and we know that will happen soon. Once that does happen and we are forced to buy a new one we are going to have it face the other direction (toward the unfinished side). We are putting vents in that small section of wall between the doors so that there is airflow for the furnace.

Do you see those small paint swatches hanging to the right of the double door? Those are the ones we were looking at to make our final paint decision. We went with the top color, nice and bright apple green.
This is a view from the same spot looking towards the stairs and bathroom door. The wall between the room and stairs we decided to open part of it so that you the stairs do not feel as closed in as you walk down. It is nice to see the basement as you walk down the stairs. The door to the left in the corner is the bathroom door. There is already an old not usable bathroom under the stairs that we have to gut and redo in a year or so. The door that was there before was a bi fold door and I just hated it. This door is going to be much better and feel more secure.
Here we have a view of the entire wall. The walls needed to painted and the doors and woodwork. Look at that mess!

The stairs used to be open on the left side (looking into what is now the unfinished side). We closed that up and put up the half wall (has to be 3' off the stairs for safety) to open it up a bit like we are used to. It felt so closed in and tight when we first walked down them after closing the space up but now we are used to it and love the concept of compression and release as we go from walking down the stairwell and then it opening up to the basement.
Here you can see the set of stairs that was there already (the grey part) and then we had to put new backs on them because they were open, and then also put baseboard on the sides of the stairs to finish it off. It took a while for the husband to make all of those cuts but the stairs are so sturdy now, no creaking, and look great!

Oh I am so excited to show you guys more. Be ready for Part IV which includes all the painting, baseboards, flooring and rugs. 

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